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We are proud to have been recognised by the Academy of Chocolate, International Chocolate Awards and Great Taste for our chocolates. From our Couture collection hand made in London to our eye-catching packaging, we’re delighted that others love our products just as much as we do!

Special Awards

Inaugural Golden Bonbon Award, for the highest-scoring chocolate of the year for Citrus Rooibos Academy of Chocolate 2017

‘Chocolatier of the Year’ Academy of Chocolate 2011

‘Outstanding Contribution to the World of Chocolate’ Academy of Chocolate Awards 2008

2017 Awards

Citrus Rooibos

Orange Blossom Neroli bee bar

Yuzu & Sake

Lychee & Thai Lime

Liquorice & Rhubarb

Macadamia Gianduja

Cashew & Cocoa Nib Cluster

Popcorn Ganache

Cocoa Nib Cluster

Caramelised Macadamias & Hazelnuts

2016 Awards

Honey & Sea Salt Caramel
Mojito Ganache
Clementine Dark Chocolate Ganache
Pistachio & Rose Praline
Madagascan Milk Chocolate Truffle
Persian Pistachios
Wild Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Ganache
Caramelised Macadamias & Hazelnuts
Organic Dark Chocolate Rose Artisan Bar
Organic Dark Chocolate Violet Artisan Bar