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The Chocolate Kitchen

On the top floor of Rococo Towers in South London sits one of the most important rooms at Rococo Chocolates (and definitely everyone’s favourite). With a stunning panorama of London in the background, it’s here that our team of dedicated and skilled chocolatiers are coming up with delicious new recipes and producing our award-winning Couture collection of truffles and caramels.

The Story of Developing a Rococo Chocolate Truffle, as told by Head Chocolatier Karen Waller:

“We use about 15 different Valrhona couvertures to make the centres of our couture range, and when we develop new flavours we always pair the star flavour or ingredient in order to get the most out of it. We follow a process whereby we line up all of the couvertures (milk, white or dark) that we want to try to pair with. Then we sniff, take a sip/taste of the ingredient, then add in a small bit of chocolate. We’re aiming to find something that doesn’t just work with the ingredient, but really makes it stand out. When it comes to enrobing the chocolate, we want the opposite. We use a pure blend so that it doesn’t interfere with anything on the inside, but just provides a coating that protects the chocolate.”