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Rococo's Summer Sale

Save on delicious seasonal treats with Rococo's Summer Sale. This collection is bursting with some of this year's bestsellers, limited editions and seasonal favourites. Snaffle these treats away for all your gifting needs, and save up to 30% on our luxury chocolates.


Rococo's Summer Sale. Enjoy 30% Off Luxury Chocolates, with the perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and all manner of treats. This collection includes a selection of handmade chocolates and chocolate hampers.
  • Rococo Chocolates Milk Orange Chocolate Bar. Luxury chocolate bar, artisan chocolate bar. Perfect chocolate gift, available online and in-store..

    Artisan Bar Milk Orange

    Save 43%

    £3.95 £6.95

  • A Bed of Oysters

    A Bed of Oysters

    Save 8%

    £11.95 £12.95

  • The Nutcracker-1 The Nutcracker-2
  • Heart shaped chocolate gift box, filled with dark chocolate and milk chocolate ganache truffles and salted caramel milk chocolate truffles. Cupid design, with gold leaf. Best anniversary gift. Couples gift. Cupid Chocolate & Truffle Collection

    Cupid Chocolate & Truffle Collection

    Save 43%

    £16.95 £29.95

  • Ace of Hearts, Heart shaped chocolate box, filled with milk chocolate ganache truffles, dark chocolate ganache truffles, champagne truffles and salted caramel milk chocolate truffles. Ace of Hearts design. Best anniversary gift. Ace of Hearts - Truffle Collection

    Ace of Hearts - Truffle Collection

    Save 38%

    £14.95 £23.95

  • Heart shaped chocolate gift box, filled with luxury chocolates. Salted caramel milk chocolate truffles, milk chocolate and dark chocolate ganache truffles and heart shaped chocolates. Best anniversary gift. Mother's Day Gifts. A Temptation of Truffles

    A Temptation of Truffles

    Save 38%

    £14.95 £23.95

  • 2019.12.14 Rococo Gourmet Fudge0075 2019.12.14 Rococo Gourmet Fudge0064
  • Bar_CaradomWhiteChoc

    Artisan Bar White Cardamom

    Save 42%

    £4.00 £6.95

  • Bar_RubyChoc

    Artisan Bar Ruby

    Save 29%

    £4.95 £6.95

  • NibbleBags-BrandyRaisins-2 NibbleBags-BrandyRaisins-1

    Dark Chocolate Brandy Raisins

    Save 31%

    £9.00 £12.95

  • NibbleBags-RumRaisins-2 NibbleBags-RumRaisins-1

    Milk Chocolate Rum Raisins

    Save 46%

    £6.95 £12.95

  • WhiteChocCranberries-2_gold WhiteChocCranberries-1

    White Chocolate Cranberries

    Save 46%

    £6.95 £12.95

  • King of Hearts - Praline & Truffle Collection King of Hearts - Praline & Truffle Collection
  • Queen of Hearts, Heart shaped gift box. Rococo Chocolates milk chocolate ganache truffle, dark chocolate ganache truffle, salted caramel milk chocolate truffle, red cherry lip chocolate. Filled with salted caramel cherry lip shaped chocolate. Queen of Hearts design. Best Anniversary Gift. Queen of Hearts - Caramel & Truffle Collection
  • Bar_36WhiteChoc_Big_1

    Artisan Bar Plain White 36%

    Save 42%

    £4.00 £6.95

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