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Sea Salt

Sea Salt
  • Sea Salt Blonde Thins
  • Sea Salt Dark Thins
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  • Rococo Chocolates Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Thins. Bestselling chocolate gift. Treat yourself and your loved ones. Milk Chocolate infused with Anglesey sea salt. Great as a thank you gift or as a treat for mum. Buy online now or in-store. Rococo_Wafer-Milk_001
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  • Bar_SeaSaltMilkChoc
  • Bar_SeaSaltDarkChoc Bar_L_MulledwineChoc_2
  • Rococo_710031_002-11
  • Rococo Chocolates Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Easter Egg. Thick Dark Chocolate Shell, infused with Sea Salt and filled with salted caramel truffles. Beautifully wrapped Easter Gift, available online and for delivery. Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

    Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

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    $51.00 $62.00

  • Rococo Chocolates Vegan Vegan Sea Salt Easter Egg
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  • Rococo Chocolates Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs. Salted Caramel Ganache Chocolates. Sugar shelled chocolate. Easter chocolate eggs. 2019.05.03-Rococo-037

    Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs

    Save 30%

    $16.00 $23.00

  • Salted Caramel Superior Seagull Eggs Crate Salted Caramel Superior Seagull Eggs Crate
  • The Rococo Chocolates Fresh Caramel Collection, handmade by our chocolatiers at in the Rococo Kitchen. These caramels are made with the finest couverture. Available as a one time purchase or subscription online. The perfect gift for any occasion, birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day. Small Caramel Fresh Collection
    Out Of Stock

    Small Caramel Fresh Collection

    Save 17%

    $24.00 $29.00

  • Rococo Chocolates Hamper - including Jello Babes. Includes a selection of fudge, chocolate bars, truffles and dipped orange chocolate slices. Birthday Gift, Chocolate Gift, Gift for Mum, Gift for Dad, Gift for Partner, anniversary gift, gift wrapped, available for delivery online and in-store collection. Hamper4-2
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