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Christmas Eve Box Ideas with Rococo

Christmas Eve is a time for the wondrous build-up to the grandeur of Christmas Day. Your favourite holiday movie plays, and you eagerly anticipate the upcoming festivities with your close family or friends. 


What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Enter the Christmas Eve box—an embodiment of festive joy. It's not just a box; it's a treasure trove of holiday treats meant to be opened and enjoyed with your loved ones on the eve of Christmas. This box, filled with carefully selected items, sets the stage for a magical Christmas Eve experience. You have the freedom to customise its contents, tailoring the treats inside to suit the unique tastes of you and your family.



Hassle-Free "Make Your Own Hamper" Service 

At Rococo, we've taken the hassle out of creating the perfect Christmas Eve box. Introducing our "Make Your Own Hamper" service, where you can create your own unique hamper or gift box to be the ideal gift for your loved one. Leaving you more time to enjoy the magic of the season.


Begin by selecting your hamper type and size, and add this to your cart. Then, think deliciously and curate a selection of chocolate and treats, and add these to your cart too. Once you have placed your order, our gifting team will create your bespoke hamper, beautifully packed, ribboned, and ready for gifting.



Ideas to include inside of your Christmas Eve Box

We all love to get eat as many sweet treats as we can during the festive season which is why you need to start with our Luxury Dark 62% Hot Chocolate offers the perfect blend of creamy indulgence, made from single-origin Colombian dark chocolate. Presented in a beautifully ribboned Rococo print gift tin, it not only delicious but also serves as a keepsake—a reminder of the joyous Christmas Eve shared with loved ones.


And what's Christmas without a Gold Coin and delectably creamy milk chocolate adorned with notes of rich vanilla and caramel? A timeless favourite for both adults and kids alike, it adds a touch of sweetness to your festive celebrations.


For a true festive nibble, consider Milk Chocolate Mince Pie Slabs or Dark Chocolate Christmas Pudding Broken Slab delightful treat that captures the essence of Christmas desserts and treats in every bite. 


Surprise your loved ones with festive collection boxes from our Magical Toy Box Collection, each infused with vintage charm. Beautifully designed and featuring truffles and ganaches made with Rococo's Signature Single Origin cacao from the Ivory Coast, these collections, from The Rocking Horse to The Musical Carousel and the Boozy Collection, promise a perfect end to a magical Christmas Eve.


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