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Nuts & Pralines

Chocolate and nuts is a classic combination for good reason – they’re completely delectable together! We all know someone who is nutty about nuts – so why not treat them to the finest handmade nutty chocolates around? From our award-winning Dusted Scorched Almonds to our perfectly playful Praline Quail Eggs, we’re sure you’ll find something you and your loved ones adore. Why not try one of our chocolate making and tasting experiences while you’re here?
Nuts & Pralines
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  • Scorched Almonds 2 (tins) Scorched Almonds 1 (tins)
  • Salted caramel Almonds (bag) 2 NibbleBag_SaltedCaramelAlmonds
  • CinnamonNuts-2_gold CinnamonNuts-1
  • chocolate hazelnuts Rococo_110540_001
  • Rococo Chocolates Nutty Milk Chocolate Easter Egg. Handmade thick chocolate shell, infused with caramelised almond shards and filled with bestselling praline quail eggs. Beautifully gift wrapped, and ready for Easter Gifting. Nutty Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

    Nutty Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

    Save 15%

    $34.00 $40.00

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