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The Coronation Collection

It's the dawn of a new era! On Saturday May 6 2023, King Charles III will ascend the throne. Celebrate this auspicious occasion with Rococo Chocolates. Whether you're throwing a street party or you're going to curl up on the sofa and watch the royal affair on the telly, we have a host of quintessentially British chocolates and treats to help you create a feast fit for a King.
Rococo Chocolates | Celebrate The Coronation Of King Charles III | Coronation 2023 |
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  • Rococo Chocolates English Cream Caramels. Milk and Dark Chocolate Creams, Floral, Caramel and Creams. Gift Wrapped chocolates, wrapped with ribbon. British made chocolates. Handmade creams and caramels. Handmade floral creams and caramels | Floral Creams | Floral Fondant | Rose Creams | Violet Creams | Lavender Creams | Geranium Creams | Chewy Caramel | Milk Chocolate Caramel | Dark Chocolate Caramel | British Caramels | British Floral Chocolates  Best British Chocolates
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  • An Extravagance of Chocolates Rococo Chocolates Large gift box filled with chocolate gifts, chocolates and truffles. Perfect for chocolate gifts, mother's day gifts, father's day gifts, birthday gifts, treat yourself, luxury chocolate, luxury chocolate gifts.

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