The Chocolate Kitchen

In a secret corner of Rococo Towers in South London sits one of the most important rooms at Rococo (and definitely everyone's favourite!).  With a stunning panorama of London in the background, it's here that our team of dedicated and skilled chocolatiers are coming up with delicious new recipes and producing our award winning Couture collection of ganaches, truffles, caramels and marshmallows.

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Meet the Chocolatiers

Karen Waller
Head Chocolatier
Favourite chocolates: Lemon & Violet, Mojito, anything new
Favourite task: Developing new flavours
Least favourite task: Paperwork


Andrew Sutton
Supervisor Chocolatier
Favourite chocolates: Almond Coffee Cardamom Marzipan, Pistachio & Rose, Spiced Pumpkin
Favourite task: Decorating and moulding chocolate shells
Least favourite task: Panning, as it gets very noisy!


Jordan Murphy
Trainee Chocolatier
Favourite chocolates: Honey & Sea Salt Caramel, Lemon & Violet, Grenada 71% Ganache
Favourite task: Making marshmallow
Least favourite task: Changing the white roll


Potwash and Trainee Chocolatier
Favourite chocolates: Pistachio Praline, Wild Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn, Jivara Ganache
Favourite task: Anything involving chocolate, especially grating drinking chocolate flakes
Least favourite task: Washing caramel pans