Christmas Nibbles Bag: White Chocolate Cranberries


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Cranberries covered in a thin layer of marzipan and white chocolate coloured with cranberry powder.


Product Details & Ingredients

Sustainably sourced
& ethical production
Hand crafted
in London


  1. musetteofmine

    This is the first time I’m taking away a star….or two. I love Christmas marzipan, but only when it’s done right. My standards for marzipan are uncompromisingly high. Hardly anyone does it right anymore!! A proper marzipan should act like a coating for the mouth, nose, and throat, like a placating cough syrup while not at all resembling the flavor or texture of the medicine. First of all, the whole concoction is overpowered by a surprisingly high sugar content, so much so that there is little to distinguish from what should be a tart cranberry, a play-doughy marzipan, and the creamy white chocolate coating. On the contrary, this creation is far from tart, play-doughy, or creamy. I tasted sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar. Nope. I didn’t enjoy it. Marzipan is a lost German art-form, in most parts of the world. I think I may have to head on over to Germany to get me some real Christmas marzipan. Sorry.

  2. Esi Dadzie

    I really enjoyed it as I finished in 2 days – I thought I could pace myself with them…

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