Dark Cherry Liqueurs


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Morello cherries soaked in cherry liqueur with a touch of fondant, inside a dark chocolate shell, wrapped in bright pink foil. An after dinner treat worth waiting for.



Product Details & Ingredients

Sustainably sourced
& ethical production
Hand crafted
in London


  1. Hazel Lacohee

    OK, these are expensive but they are absolutely delicious! It’s impossible to eat just one! Beautifully packaged and they taste divine, I can’t enough of them!

  2. J Davidson

    These are exactly as you would expect them to be. Lovely product (if a little dated) they still taste great.

  3. Mary Wallace

    These are insanely moreish and just the right balance of booze. My only complaint is that Rococo need to make a much bigger box!

  4. Joyce Chaplin

    These are the very best-absolutely no other brand comes anywhere near to this. It is just a pity that they are so expensive, although this does at least prevent me from eating as many as I’d like!

  5. Mike Lloyd

    Helen, my wife is a long standing fan of liqueur cherries and she has pronounced these the best that she has ever experienced!

  6. KJ

    These are truly exquisite chocolates. Truly. We would recommend them to anyone, even if you think you don’t usually like cherry chocolates! Lovely cherries in the centre, bathing in kirsch and amaretto gooey loveliness, surrounded by delicious dark chocolate with a progressional snap and a lovely shine. Thank you!

  7. musetteofmine

    Oh me, oh my! Rococo gussied up and adulterated my childhood faves with liquor, updating and refining the very retro and cool, chocolate covered cherries. Bite into one and ready yourself to gush with glee! Each cherry comes individually wrapped in an inviting pink foil wrapping; the cherries are then boxed, waiting to be cherry picked by none other than you! Whoa!

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With a rich British heritage and over thirty five years of expertise, at Rococo Chocolates we bring tastes and experiences to our customers for the first time, and believe in setting trends, not following them. We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable practices, and use only the finest ingredients in our chocolates.