Dark Chocolate Marzipan


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These traditional treats are the perfect gift for your next special occasion. Indulgent almond marzipan is wrapped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with chopped nuts and presented in our square 9 piece box.


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Sustainably sourced
& ethical production
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  1. musetteofmine

    The majority of German goods that are exported to the United States, in time for the Christmas Season, namely things like gingerbread cookies, stollen and marzipan, usually come from commercial makers, and can be found at one’s local supermarket, or low-tier retailers, like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. These commercial goods are fully loaded with preservatives and other junk ingredients, such as fructose corn syrups, artificial colorings, and unhealthy displeasures of the like. I used to find homemade, mind-blowing marzipan at my neighborhood Italian bakery, faithfully available from each Autumn’s start until Spring’s end, but time stands still for no one, and that once frequented, small, family owned business was sold off. Rococo’s Dark Chocolate Marzipan is a good recipe; yes, it’s certainly better than most recipes I’ve tried, but that doesn’t make their marzipan THE winning recipe for a proper a German style marzipan. The finely chopped sprinkling of nuts on top of the chocolate add nothing to the gone-in-an-instant, absent mouthfeel. Marzipan is a sensory example of German ingenuity. A proper German marzipan explodes in the mouth, rushes the nostrils, and coats the throat, leaving a lingering heaviness in its bitter almond wake. This lingering heaviness lasts through the next day. Ingenious! I think I’ll have to fly to Nuremberg or maybe take a hot air balloon ride over the Black Forest, before I can taste a marzipan that’s made proper.

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With a rich British heritage and over thirty five years of expertise, at Rococo Chocolates we bring tastes and experiences to our customers for the first time, and believe in setting trends, not following them. We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable practices, and use only the finest ingredients in our chocolates.