English Creams and Caramels


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Chewy caramels and classic fruit and floral fondant creams make up the English Fondant Cream Chocolate Box. Filled with traditional favourites, and presented in a stunning new box illustrated with beautiful British blooms.

Product Details & Ingredients

Sustainably sourced
& ethical production
Hand crafted
in London


  1. Sara

    I bought these for my friends birthday. She told me they were absolutely delicious – so much so she could not stop eating them. The creams were really good – lots of flavour – and the caramels were good too. A top quality product. I would buy them again

  2. Dougie

    My wife loved these as a Christmas gift. In her words “something different she would not have tried, but what a great surprise”. Needless to say but all gone now.
    Thank you

  3. musetteofmine

    Okay, I remember buying and reviewing the oval-shaped box of English Fondant Creams which I found highly enjoyable, and I do recall my distant request for the creation of an orange flower fondant cream. In this box of English Creams and Caramels, you will be greeted with the same floral fancies or fanciful florals – however you see fit – in a gleefully, heart-fluttering, Springtime-themed, English box. The fluttering finishes its butterfly dance with a periwinkle blue ribbon bearing the Rococo name. I must say, that even though it pains me to give the product a 4 Stars out of 5, I feel obligated to do so. My dissatisfaction is more liken to a problem with the caramel. I have but one set of adult teeth. The caramel in this selection, is harder than chewy, and when it warms up, you will find it stick to your teeth, and could potentially pull a filling. The caramel portions, in my opinion, are best skipped. The floral fondants are what you want melting in your mouth.

  4. Debra

    This box has totally all of my favourites! The caramel is nice and chewy – not too hard, or too soft – and the fondant flavours are very subtle, and encased in either dark or milk chocolate. I was expecting a mint fondant or two as well, but alas none were to be found! All in all, a true box of delights!

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With a rich British heritage and over thirty five years of expertise, at Rococo Chocolates we bring tastes and experiences to our customers for the first time, and believe in setting trends, not following them. We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable practices, and use only the finest ingredients in our chocolates.