Rose & Violet Dark Chocolate Egg


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This fragrant luxury Easter egg combines our two floral bestsellers with each half of extra thick dark chocolate flavoured with either violet or rose essential oils. Encased inside are our bestselling Rose and Violet Creams; these moreish fondants are flavoured with rose and violet, enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with crystallised rose and violet petals.

The egg is wrapped in mauve foil with a mauve egg on the lid of the Rococo print box.

This is an Easter egg treat like no other. As well as the extra thick gourmet chocolate and sumptuous floral flavouring, the egg also comes in beautiful packaging for the perfect present.

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Product Details & Ingredients

Sustainably sourced
& ethical production
Hand crafted
in London


  1. Laurie Maguire

    This has got to be the most divine chocolate ever made. One half is flavoured and scented with rose oil, the other with violet oil. The flavouring is subtle – it is delicious and intriguing in equal measure, and you savour it on your tongue the way you would wine at a wine tasting . I cannot stop eating this: it is impossible to ration! The box and packaging are also beautiful – they are definitely not going in the recycling!

  2. LizzyJ

    I love the subtle taste of this egg which makes me feel super special. This year my partner has added some Orangette Batons and ginger wafer thins. They are delicious and excellent news is that he sent it early ….

  3. Kate Tester

    Absolutely delicious – the individual chocolates inside the egg aren’t smaller than when you usually buy them, and, the egg itself is REALLY thick chocolate.

  4. SW1

    Rococo is the best chocolatier – and I’ve tried them all! This is my favourite Easter Egg, really indulgent and special. Beautifully packaged and a luxurious treat.

  5. George Taylor

    Really excellent – wonderful but delicate perfume from the chocolate.

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