Set of 3 Organic Floral Mini Bee Bars

  • A Rococo boxed set of 3 organic dark chocolate floral Bee Bars. The perfume-grade essential oils and fragrances scent and complement the 65% dark chocolate without overpowering it. We called these bee bars because we loved the bee motifs on the original bar moulds.

    The watercolour wrappers were painted by our founder and designer, Chantal Coady, on a background of traditional chocolate mould designs.

    Rococo's organic chocolate blend includes cocoa beans from our own Grococo farm in northern Grenada and includes a little extra cocoa butter for a silky texture.


    Dark Chocolate Rose Bee Bar
    Rose essential oil is the queen of oils and after gold leaf organic rose oil is our most expensive ingredient. Worth every penny for the way its peerless delicate perfume suffuses the dark chocolate

    Dark Chocolate Violet Bee Bar
    Pure violet and dark chocolate: a magical combination. This wonderful violet oil, created for us by Marie Wright of Wild, is highly perfumed with fruity base notes.

    Dark Chocolate Jasmine Bee Bar
    Chinese Jasmine green tea and a little precious Jasmine flower essential oil give this bar a heady lift.


  • Contains: Dark Jasmine, Dark Violet, Dark Rose. Ingredients: *Cocoa mass, *cane sugar, *cocoa butter, *cocoa powder, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, *jasmine tea, *jasmine essential oil (trace), natural violet flavouring (trace), rose essential oil (trace.) See individual products. (*Denotes organic)

    Allergy Warning: See ingredients. May contain traces of nuts, eggs, gluten, lupin and sulphur dioxide as these products are handled in our factory.



  • Weight: 20g each bar, total 60g

    Size: 15 x 10 x 1 cm

    Dietary Information Suitable for vegans

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