Set of 3 Organic Mini Bee Bars

  • A Rococo boxed set of 3 organic mini Bee Bars. We called these bee bars because we loved the bee motifs on the original bar moulds.

    The colourful wrappers are inspired by the Moroccan tiles that pave our secret garden at our flagship store in Belgravia.

    Rococo's organic chocolate blend includes cocoa beans from our own Grococo farm in northern Grenada and includes a little extra cocoa butter for a silky texture.


    Dark Chocolate Chilli Pepper Bee Bar
    This Chilli dark chocolate is an enduring best seller. It attracts the sensation seekers, and also those who want to recapture some Aztec magic. We use Ugandan birds eye chillis to give a nice kick to this popular recipe where the spice develops slowly as the chocolate melts in your mouth and lingers afterwards.

    Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Bee Bar
    Chantal, Rococo's founder, was inspired to make our Sea Salt chocolate after walking along a beach eating an ice cream with the salt in the sea air catching on her lips. Anglesey Sea Salt intensifies cocoa and caramel flavour notes in our 40% house milk chocolate, and the lingering salty-sweetness in creamy milk chocolate is incredibly moreish.

    White Chocolate Cardamom Bee Bar
    Aromatic ground cardamom cuts through and balances the sweetness of our creamy white chocolate, adding subtle texture. A good match for dessert wines.


  • Ingredients:
    Chilli Pepper: Organic Chocolate contains 65% min cocoa solids. *Cocoa mass, *cane sugar, *cocoa butter, *cocoa powder, *chilli pepper (trace), emulsifier: SOYA lecithin. (*Denotes organic)
    Sea Salt: Organic Milk chocolate contains 40% min *cocoa solids, 18% min organic *milk solids. *Cane sugar, *cocoa butter, *whole MILK powder, *cocoa mass, Anglesey Sea Salt PDO (0.5%), emulsifier: SOYA lecithin. (*Denotes organic.)
    Cardamom: White chocolate contains 30% min *cocoa solids, 24% min *milk solids. *Cane sugar, *cocoa butter, *whole MILK powder, *cardamom (0.8%), emulsifier: SOYA lecithin. (*Denotes organic.)

    Allergy Warning: See ingredients. May contain traces of nuts, eggs, gluten, lupin and sulphur dioxide as these products are handled in our factory.

  • Weight: 20g each bar, total 60g

    Size: 15 x 10 x 1 cm

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