Smoky Cuban Dark Chocolate Cigar


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A single origin Cuban 70% cocoa dark chocolate flavoured with Super Smoked Anglesey Sea Salt and Lapsang Souchong tea, reminiscent of the finest Cuban cigar, with biscuit pieces for extra crunch. Each ‘cigar’ is then dusted in rich cocoa powder and dipped in wafer crumb ‘ashes’. We think this is the most delicious way to enjoy a post-dinner cigar!

Product Details & Ingredients

Sustainably sourced
& ethical production
Hand crafted
in London


  1. musetteofmine

    This is a great little novelty item that tastes like a real cigar! I chose the Dark, of course. Rococo obviously has a sense of humor to accompany their wide array of quality chocolates. Say you’re on the fence about trying the Big Smoke Artisan Bar, or don’t care for yet another Dark Choco with added Sea Salt. (The options here are seemingly endless and come down to personal preference, not “better” or “worse”.) This is by far my favored option because the cigar is a two-flavored combo with added crumbled wafers, which is then rolled up and dusted with pure cocoa powder, hence the ashes!!!!!!!!!!! The packaging is remarkable. These would make great party favors, hostess gifts, and unusual, but still elegant, place settings at a dinner table. These cigars make a statement!

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With a rich British heritage and over thirty five years of expertise, at Rococo Chocolates we bring tastes and experiences to our customers for the first time, and believe in setting trends, not following them. We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable practices, and use only the finest ingredients in our chocolates.