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Sourcing and Ingredients

We care about provenance and use only the best and most ethically sourced ingredients. So much so that we even have our own farm, which we’ve coined Grococo, growing organic Caribbean cocoa set on the ‘spice island’ of Grenada.

The Grenada Chocolate Company

In Spring 2004, our founder Chantal struck up a close bond with the three founding partners of the Grenada Chocolate Company (GCC) on a trip to Grenada with her husband James. The relationship was forged over countless cups of Grenadian cocoa tea and almost as much Sauvignon Blanc.

Later that year, Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada, and then Hurricane Emily less than a year later, wreaking havoc throughout the island and devastating all the cocoa and nutmeg on the island. It would be five years before the next really good harvest.

Determined to help, using the very chocolate that had been in the Macintyre conch when Hurricane Emily hit, and mixing it with our own organic chocolate, we produced the special edition ‘Hurricane Emily Bar’ and gave the proceeds to ‘Hearts and Hands,’ the Grenada Relief Fund. We have continued to support the GCC since that moment, most notably using funds from the first Grococo bar to help build the new solar driers for the GCC at Belmont Estate, and most recently by building a bridge across the river to the Grococo farm.

In 2007, we were able to team up with the GCC to purchase a small cocoa farm, a perfect opportunity to produce our own fairly traded, ethical chocolate. The cocoa from the farm is made into chocolate from tree-to-bar on the island, one of the only places in the world where this happens.

Since the first successful Grococo harvest, we have been including our own Grococo beans in our Rococo Organic House Blend. We continue to work very closely with all of the Grenada Chocolate company and personnel on an ongoing basis, visiting regularly and helping whenever we can. To be involved and work with such an inspirational company is a great privilege and we will continue to use as much of the Grenadian cocoa as we can, and to sell this exceptional chocolate.