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Sourcing and Ingredients

We care about provenance and use only the best and most ethically sourced ingredients.

our commitment to responsible chocolate

Cocoa producers are facing a growing number of social and environmental challenges, and as chocolate makers, we all have a shared responsibility to help.
Here at Rococo Chocolates, we pride ourselves on working with cocoa suppliers who are attentive to sustainability, who are transparent and who are committed to dealing with the issues in the cocoa industry today.
For instance, Valrhona are working towards making a fairer cocoa sector. They have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025, as well as to becoming a certified B Corporation.
In 2017, Valrhona’s sourcer Cédric Robin launched a CSR initiative to improve access to education in Ghana. Proceeds from sales of Valrhona couverture have contributed to what has been a far-reaching project, benefitting eight communities over the course of 5 years, including over 800 producers and 3988 children. Valrhona’s chocolate is also 100% traceable and is sourced directly from producers who have been supported by Valrhona in good social and ethical practices.

We also work with Luker Chocolate, Founders of  The Chocolate Dream  a collaborative model of social innovation, in which Luker Chocolate seeks to transform the chocolate value chain from origin. This builds sustainable well-being amongst the communities where Luker Chocolate sources its cocoas.

The Chocolate Dream works in three main objectives

1. Improve farmer income by increasing farm productivity and quality, strengthening the associations and promoting income diversification initiatives.

2. Strengthen the social fabric of local communities by supporting education, enforcing human rights’ adoption and promoting entrepreneurship and cultural activities.

3. Maintain environmental balance in cocoa growing communities by protecting biodiversity, water, forests and soils and reducing our carbon footprint.