As you can imagine, we receive thousands of requests from charities and organisations seeking the help of Rococo Chocolates every year and as much as we’d love to be able to support each and every one of them, this simply isn’t possible. The themes behind most of our charitable donations are environment and empowerment - helping others to help themselves. The charities we support are:
  • World Land Trust - helping protect the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats.
  • Treloars - helping disabled young people take control of their lives.
  • Build Africa - provide children and their families in Kenya and Uganda with the opportunities to live more fulfilled lives.
  • Chelsea Physic Garden – which celebrates the beauty and importance of plants, with a unique living collection of around 5,000 different edible, useful, medicinal and historical plants.

We also support other charities through participation at Christmas and other public fairs. We do not support medical charities which fund animal research.

Our Chester branch has adopted the Multiple Sclerosis Support Centre in Saltney as its local charity of choice.