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We’re so happy to introduce you to The Period Egg, to bring awareness to the ongoing fight against period shame and period poverty, as well as to support those who cannot afford period products.

We’re launching The Period Egg in support of Bloody Good Period, a London-based charity which supplies essential period products to refugees, asylum-seekers and others who can’t afford or access them. £5 from the sale of each egg supports the campaign to end the stigma around menstruation and period poverty.

Having a period is still a taboo subject that society refuses to talk openly about, where those who menstruate face unacceptable stigma and are made to feel embarrassed and unhygienic for having a period. A 2019 survey* found that one in five girls aged 14-21 had been a victim of bullying for having a period and that this bullying resulted in absences from school; an estimated 66% of girls have missed a day of school due to their period. Girls throughout the UK not only miss school due to their period, but with an estimated 10% of girls** being unable to afford period products, they are being forced to improvise with anything from newspaper to socks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the extent of period poverty into sharp relief; periods don’t stop during a pandemic and those who menstruate still need period products. The average lifetime cost of a period is around £4800. The pandemic has caused unemployment rates to rise and schools to close, making it even more challenging to afford or gain access to these necessities; according to a 2020 survey^ one third of women and girls said they struggled to afford or access period products in lockdown. Therefore, it is a particularly poignant time to highlight the effects of period poverty and raise money to support those who cannot afford period products.

Bloody Good Period is a UK registered charity (charity number 1185849) started by Gabby Edlin, who wanted to ensure that there was a provision of period products for those who could not afford them. What started as a whip-round on Facebook grew into the charity of today.

Bloody Good Period not only provides period products but also hosts educational workshops centred on ending period shame and starting conversations surrounding the stigma of menstruation.

The charity is partnered with 40 asylum seeker drop-in centres around the country and during the pandemic has delivered period products to refugees, asylum seekers, food banks, community response groups, homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters and frontline NHS workers. Since March 2020 they have delivered 60,000 packets of period products around the UK, almost 6 times more than before the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Period Egg itself is crafted from smooth milk chocolate combined with a touch of Anglesey sea salt to enhance the chocolate’s natural creaminess and richness – a Rococo classic. Hidden inside this thick outer shell, are our decadent cocoa dusted Salted Caramel Truffles – one of our bestselling treats all year round. Ready to gift for Easter, the egg is beautifully wrapped in bright red foil and presented in a signature Rococo gift box with a matching Pantone Period Colour egg on the lid.

You can pre-order the Period Egg, any Easter Collection pre-orders will be dispatched week commencing 15th February 2021.

Find out more about Bloody Good Period:


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*Survey by Plan International UK:

**Survey by Plan International UK:

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