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Festive Tipples and Boozy Bites

Welcome to a festive journey where tradition meets indulgence, captured perfectly in Rococo's exclusive range of boozy chocolates. Inspired by the cozy warmth of Christmas Eve nightcaps and the cheerful toasts of Boxing Day, our collection is a tribute to the holiday spirit in every bite.

Imagine the serene magic of Christmas Eve, where the world seems to pause in anticipation. Our chocolates embody this tranquility with subtle yet rich flavours reminiscent of classic nightcaps. Each piece is infused with premium spirits, offering a sophisticated blend of smooth chocolate and the comforting warmth of your favourite holiday drinks.

Festive Tipples and Boozy Bites
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  • Mini Marc de Champagne Truffles Rococo Chocolates Mini Marc de Champagne Truffle Tub. Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffles, dusted with icing sugar and gift wrapped. Perfect Teacher Gift. Buy Online now.
  • Delight the palate of gourmet enthusiasts with our Marc de Champagne Milk Chocolate Truffles, an unparalleled foodie gift. These luxurious truffles, hailing from the finest chocolatiers in London, elegantly combine silky milk chocolate with the exquisite essence of Champagne, creating a culinary masterpiece. Artfully encased in a chic, bespoke gift box, they're a culinary treasure, perfect for foodies who savor the fusion of sophisticated flavors and artisanal chocolate craftsmanship.
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