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The Romantic Night In Hamper

For the (chocolate) lovers! Tug on their heart strings and cosy up, with a selection of chocolates that will surely melt hearts. For a romantic gift, we recommend filling a hamper with: 1 Truffle Tub, 1 Nibble Bag and 3 Chocolate Bars. If you are feeling particularly amorous, you can create a bigger hamper with a bottle of champagne!

The Romantic Night In Hamper
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  • hocolatiers, elegantly arranged. Recognized as some of the UK's best chocolates, these truffles boast a creamy, smooth texture, masterfully presented in a luxurious gift box, ideal for chocolate aficionados and special occasions Luxurious milk chocolate truffles, meticulously handcrafted by renowned chocolatiers in London, UK, exuding opulence and elegance. These truffles, celebrated as the pinnacle of gourmet chocolates, are showcased in a lavish, designer gift box, embodying the epitome of luxury and sophistication, perfect for discerning connoisseurs and exclusive gifting.

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