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Let’s face it – it’s not often that you need an excuse to enjoy luxury chocolate.


But in the second week of a new year, after many days of festive feasting and indulgence, you may well feel that you do.


Record numbers have been signing up to take part in Veganuary – at a rate of one person every six seconds as 2018 drew to a close. Gyms are heaving with new recruits hoping to keep their resolutions alive for at least another week. You’d be forgiven for thinking that chocolate shouldn’t be prominent on your shopping list.


Well, think again – because dark chocolate is naturally vegan.


All of a sudden, Veganuary is sounding a lot easier, especially helped along by our award-winning vegan collection. Eating vegan is the best way that you can have a positive impact on the planet, according to Oxford University researchers. It reduces pollution and water usage, as well as halving your greenhouse gas emissions.


Even if you’re not doing Veganuary, don’t feel bad about indulging your cravings. Turns out that high-quality dark chocolate is naturally rich in the good stuff:

Deliciously Detoxing 

Cacao is high in antioxidants. These chemicals are said to protect your cells against the effects of free radicals — molecules produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed to pollutants. It is thought that free radicals contribute to heart disease and cancer, so antioxidant-rich foods may well be especially important.


Green Beginnings

At this time of year, it’s good to remind ourselves that chocolate begins its life in green form. The cacao plant is rich in nutrients called flavonoids. The higher the percentage of cacao in chocolate, the higher the flavonoid content. Flavonoids can reportedly improve our cardiovascular health, lower our blood pressure and increase blood flow to the heart and brain.


Must-have Minerals 

Dark chocolate is a source of zinc. Zinc helps the body to form proteins, as well as contributing to immune system function, wound healing and cell division. Most importantly, (well – we think so anyway!) zinc supports your sense of taste and smell. Your body doesn’t store zinc, however, so you need to consume a small amount in your diet each day. Lucky for chocolate lovers then…



Ever wondered what gives chocolate its addictive buzz? Phenylethylamine is a chemical that occurs naturally in chocolate. Unofficially known as a ‘love compound’, it triggers the release of endorphins and lifts our mood. With Blue Monday just around the corner, let’s make sure we are stocked up and ready then, with plenty of dark chocolate.

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