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'Tis rumoured that the Panjandrum Bird has been spotted. In a flash of vibrant plumage and a scatter of feathers, the creation of our Easter Collection is well underway. For those of you unschooled in the art of the Panjandrum Bird, now is your chance to discover the story behind our fine feathered friend. Pour yourself some tea, snaffle some chocolate and read our colourful story.

The Story Behind The Panjandrum Bird

Every year, the elusive Panjandrum Bird delivers our Easter EggsVery little is known about the mythical Panjandrum Bird. Some say this elusive bird has an elongated beak that is small enough to fit into a teacup, others say that the bird has long legs and can grow up to 6 feet tall! The only thing known for certain is the bird has brightly coloured feathers, and flashes of its dazzling plumage have been glimpsed by diligent ornithologists as the bird disappears into the undergrowth. Rumour has it that the bird is so arrogant it never builds a nest, while another theory is that it has a terrible memory and just forgets where it lays them. Either way its colourful eggs can be found scattered across the countryside for anyone to find. Every year, Rococo's Chocolatiers venture out early every morning to collect these dazzling eggs just for you.

The Panjandrum In Colour

Our very own designer, and intrepid explorer, Gabby Herrera, has travelled with dedicated ornithologists, just to catch a glimpse of the Panjandrum Bird.

Using glimpses and a dash of speculation, Gabby has captured an artist's impression of the mythical bird, showing the only thing that has ever been sighted by the human eye - its luminous and colourful plumage!

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When Is Easter in 2023?

Easter is on Sunday April 9, 2023. 

Shopping The Panjandrum 

It's never too early to shop for Easter Eggs. Our Easter Collection will be launching soon, peruse our Easter Egg Flavours and sign up for back in stock notifications. In the meantime, the Panjandrum Bird has delivered some of their colourful treasures early. You can shop Panjandrum Eggs in delicious Nibble Bag or Crate Form! Decadent fine speckled shells, filled with rich hazelnut praline and sweet raspberry ganache. Shop these beauties and prepare early for Easter, or just snap up a bag or three and snaffle your way through March.

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