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Ahead of National Chocolate Week, we have put together a handy guide on Single Origin chocolate, and more specifically on our Single Origin Chocolate Bars.
Our previous article explained How To Taste Chocolate, and you can read it if you need a refresher.
But what exactly is Single Origin Chocolate, and why is it allegedly better than other chocolates?
Much like wine, cocoa is affected by its terroir (or in plain terms, the "taste of the place". 
This means that when cocoa is grown in a specific region, or at a specific farm, it will develop flavour characteristics that reflect the weather, the soil or the variety that is grown. 
By working with Single Origin cocoa from a single farm or single region, chocolate makers are able to express all the flavours of that specific terroir.
With our Single Origin Artisan Bar collection, we have tried to shine a light on some lesser-known parts of the cocoa-growing world, and bring you some interesting and rare flavours. 
Read on to learn more about each of our Single Origin Bars!
Vietnam 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
This bar is made with Trinitario beans from the Ben Tre province of Vietnam and sourced by Erithaj Chocolat. Their plantations are biodiverse and Erithaj's André Stengel established The Vietcacao Sector in 2009, to grow inclusivity and employability in cocoa cultivation. 
Colombia 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
Casa Luker's 85% Dark Couverture is sourced from the Tumaco region in Colombia. Their Chocolate Dream Project ensures farmers receive 30-40% above average price, biodiversity, farming education, and has planted 600,000 trees so far. Their projects drive education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, economic growth, and eco-responsibility across the cocoa industry of Colombia. 
Honduras 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
Xoco Gourmet source their Mayan Red 70% dark chocolate from 11 farmers across the Honduras region . Xoco's farming partners are paid 50-100% premium for their cocoa, and Xoco works to help farmers improve their yield, sustainable farming practices and personal lives. 
And you? What is your favourite type of chocolate? Would you dare try the 100% Dark Chocolate Vietnam Single Origin Artisan Bar? 

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