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Milk Chocolate

Our luxury milk chocolate makes a perfect gift. From our artisan bars to our decadent truffle boxes, there’s a chocolate gift for everyone here. Browse our customer favourites to find the best chocolate gift, and if you need more inspiration, take a look through our best chocolate hampers, chocolate boxes and novelty chocolate selections. You can also pop into one of our London chocolate shops.
Milk Chocolate
  • Rococo Chocolates Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Thins. Bestselling chocolate gift. Treat yourself and your loved ones. Milk Chocolate infused with Anglesey sea salt. Great as a thank you gift or as a treat for mum. Buy online now or in-store. Rococo_Wafer-Milk_001
    Out Of Stock
  • Bar_SeaSaltMilkChoc
  • Rococo Chocolates Honeycomb Crunch Milk Chocolate artisan bar. Luxury chocolate bar, filled with honeycomb pieces. 41% cocoa. Buy Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Gifts online. Rococo Chocolate Bar

    Artisan Bar Milk Honeycomb Crunch

    Save 29%

    £4.95 £6.95

  • Rococo Chocolates Milk Orange Chocolate Bar. Luxury chocolate bar, artisan chocolate bar. Perfect chocolate gift, available online and in-store..

    Artisan Bar Milk Orange

    Save 29%

    £4.95 £6.95

  • Rococo_710031_002-11
  • Bar_41MilkChoc_Big_1 Bar_41MilkChoc_Big_2
    Out Of Stock

    Artisan Bar Milk Plain 41%

    Save 43%

    £3.95 £6.95

  • Luxury Milk Banana Hot Chocolate 1 LuxuryMilkBananaHotChoc
    Out Of Stock
  • Rococo Chocolates Fluffle of Bunnies Milk Chocolate Nibble Bag. Handmade Milk Chocolate Bunny Rabbit Shapes. Beautifully gift wrapped. Available online and in-store. 2020.02.07 Rococo Easter Eggs0207
    Out Of Stock

    A Fluffle of Bunnies Nibble Bag

    Save 54%

    £5.95 £12.95

  • Rococo Chocolates A Loveliness of Ladybirds. Milk Chocolate Ladybird Shapes. Buy Rococo Chocolates Online. 2010.05.06 Rococo 0581
  • Rococo_130771_002 Rococo_130771_006
  • A Lifetime of Lobsters A Lifetime of Lobsters
  • Neapolitans3-2 Neapolitans3-1
    Out Of Stock

    Milk Chocolate Neapolitans Small

    Save 23%

    £9.95 £12.95

  • Rococo Chocolates Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs. Salted Caramel Ganache Chocolates. Sugar shelled chocolate. Easter chocolate eggs. 2019.05.03-Rococo-037

    Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs

    Save 31%

    £8.95 £12.95

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