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The Art of Pairing with Rococo Chocolates

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to wow your guests at the next dinner party. At Rococo Chocolates, we believe that the art of pairing luxury chocolates with fine wines is an experience like no other. Scroll down as we explore the perfect harmony between our holiday favourites such as The Milk Mince Pie Slab and White Chocolate Panettone Slab and some exceptional wines that will make your celebrations truly extraordinary. 


Why Choose Rococo Chocolates 

We sell chocolates with character. From our original, design-led packaging and exceptional flavours to our creative products and beautifully curated shops, we bring forty years of expertise, heritage and British style to chocolate craft.

Established on the King’s Road in London in 1983, we have built an international reputation for quality. The attention to detail that we put into every single one of our chocolates is evident from their exquisite taste. We continue to win some of the industry’s most prestigious awards today.

Our two London shops are brimming with luxurious chocolate gifts and are also home to our innovative collection of handmade truffles. The finest chocolates in our range, are all made by hand in small batches in our London kitchens by our team of Chocolatiers. That's why including Rococo Chocolates at your next dinner party is certain to not only elevate the overall experience but also provide you and your friends with an unforgettable one.


Milk Mine Pie Slab: Spices and Red Wine 

Start your tasting adventure with our Milk Mince Pie Slab, a toothsome blend of rich dark chocolate and the warm spices of traditional mince pies. Pair this festive delight with a robust red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or a spicy Zinfandel. The bold flavours of the wine will complement the aromatic spices, creating a delightful dance on your palate.


Dark Chocolate Christmas Pudding Broken Slab: Port 

A classic pairing, especially with dark chocolate, is a good quality Port wine. The sweetness and richness of the Port can complement the deep flavours of the dark chocolate and the Christmas pudding, creating a harmonious combination.


Panettone Slab & Artisanal Panettone Classico: Sweet Whites

Taste the sophistication of our Panettone Slab by pairing it with a sweet white wine such as a Riesling or a Moscato. The light and airy layers of panettone, enrobed in our finest chocolate, harmonise beautifully with the fruity and floral notes of these wines. The combination is a celebration of elegance and sweetness.


Festive Dark Chocolate Graham's 6 Grapes Port Truffle Selection: Ruby Port 

This may seem like the obvious choice, but this will really complement the flavour of the port truffles. The fruity and full-bodied characteristics of Ruby Port can harmonise with the sweet and intense notes of the port-infused truffles. The wine's natural sweetness complements the chocolate, creating a luxurious tasting experience.


Dark Chocolate Cocoa Dusted Amarena Cherries:  Dessert Wine 

Consider a sweet dessert wine like a late-harvest Riesling or a Muscat. The wine's sweetness can balance the dark chocolate and enhance the overall sweetness of the cherries.


Dark Chocolate Half-Dipped Orange Slices: Earl Grey Tea

 If you prefer a non-alcoholic option, Earl Grey tea can be an excellent choice. The bergamot notes in Earl Grey complement the citrusy profile of the orange slices, and the tea's mild astringency can balance the sweetness of the chocolate.


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