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The Spring/Summer Fresh Collection

Our Summer Collection this year was inspired by our most-loved holiday destinations and the flavours that evoked memories of these places.

Guava Pate de Fruit – A Caribbean inspired delicacy that’s reminiscent of days spent in the Caribbean sun, this fruit jelly has a sweet tangy flavour and a sugar coating.

Orange and Cardamom – Citrus and spice combine here for a warm and comforting flavour evoking memories of sunny days spent in Morocco. A layer of hazelnut praline with candied orange peel and a white chocolate ganache with fresh cardamom, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Banana & Cashew – Inspiration for this chocolate came from a number of sources, a colourful trip to South America but also reminiscent of all the famous lockdown banana bread we were all baking last year! A praline with roasted cashew nuts and freeze-dried banana encased in milk chocolate.

Mango & Chilli – An adaptation of Trinidad’s famous Mango Chow, a light snack you might eat on your way to the beach.  A layer of alphonso mango ganache, white chocolate ganache and a flavourful dark chilli ganache.

Madagascan Vanilla – Reminiscent of sweet romantic moments with your loved ones, the flavour is comforting and warm. A white chocolate ganache with aromatic bourbon vanilla that adds depth and floral notes.

Yuzu – Take an exhilarating adventure to Japan with this sharp citrus flavour. A dark chocolate ganache with fresh and zingy Japanese yuzu.

Strawberries & Cream – Of course there’s no better place to eat Strawberries & Cream than at Wimbledon! If you’re missing the tennis like we are then this flavour is sure to transport you to a sunny afternoon at Wimbledon. This British summer classic has been transformed into a creamy strawberry ganache.

Olive Oil – Memories of a trip to Tuscany and it’s beautiful olive groves are evoked here. This dark chocolate ganache is made with Italian olive oil, encased in our house blend dark chocolate. (V)

Mojito – A hot summer day in Cuba that was cooled off by an ice cold Mojito was the inspiration for this chocolate. Fresh mint ganache is paired with a dark rum ganache and a zingy lime jelly, all encased in dark chocolate.

Passionfruit & Coconut – This chocolate might just evoke memories of fruit punch at a summer pool party. Tart passionfruit jelly with a creamy coconut praline is then coated in milk chocolate.

Piña colada – This chocolate is certainly for those who like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain – we think Rupert Holmes would have been a fan of this one. A caramel with pineapple and coconut puree and white rum, all encased in dark chocolate. (V)



 March: Hot Cross Bun

Our take on the classic Good Friday treat – The Hot Cross Bun. We’ve taken the fruit and spice flavours from a Hot Cross Bun and encased them in either milk of dark chocolate. These chocolates contain spiced marzipan with tangy fruits and notes of fresh orange.

April: Red Berry

Inspired by memories of berry picking in the forest, a fun activity on a bright summer’s day. Red Berry is a sour cherry jelly and berry ganache, all wrapped in rich, dark chocolate. 

May: Pistachio & Honey

The chocolate for this month is inspired by Baklava, a traditional Turkish dessert which is now found in differing forms across the Mediterranean. Pistachio & Honey has a layer of honey ganache in milk chocolate and a layer of pistachio praline with crunchy wafers.

June: ?

This chocolate is inspired by the smell of summer – fresh cut grass. A dark chocolate ganache with grassy fresh tones and citrus – do you think you know what it might be?


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