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It’s a day for indulgence, how could we possibly resist giving you some delightful recipes using the Rococo collection to elevate your pancakes to the next level.
Blonde Chocolate Caramel Sauce:
110g Rococo Blonde Chocolate
76ml double cream
65ml milk
38g muscovado sugar
15g toasted buttermilk powder (or use roasted malt)
A pinch of sea salt
Bring all the ingredients to the boil and whisk into a creamy ganache, ready to dollop onto your pancakes.
Vegan Coconut Caramel Sauce:
55g palm sugar
120g brown sugar
50g maple syrup
50g water

100g coconut oil (butter)

200g coconut cream
1/2 lime juice, with zest
Boil the palm sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup and water together until the liquid reaches 145c on your sugar thermometer. Add in the coconut oil, coconut cream, lime juice and zest, and stir to a smooth caramel. Drizzle over a warm stack of pancakes.
Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce:
30ml double cream
170ml milk
150g Single Origin Vietnam 100% Dark Chocolate
300g soft brown sugar
150g butter
A pinch of sea salt
Pour the milk, and cream into a pan and add soft brown sugar, butter and sea salt, bring the mixture to the boil Stir continuously in a pan for 7-8 minutes. Then take the sauce off the heat and stir in chunks of the Vietnam 100% Dark Chocolate until they melt. Spoon the sauce onto your pancakes.
Earl Grey Elderflower and Lime Sauce:
120g Rococo Earl Grey Dark Chocolate
25ml double cream
50ml  milk
80ml  lime juice
40ml  elderflower cordial
25g caster sugar
1/4 tsp Earl Grey elderflower tea blend
Bring the milk and double cream up to 60 degrees, add in the cordial and tea and leave to infuse for twenty minutes. Then add in the sugar and lime juice and bring back up to the boil. Pass the liquids through a sieve onto the earl grey chocolate so that it melts into the mixture. Whisk and blend into a smooth ganache ready to spoon onto your pancake stack.
Honeycomb Crunch Chocolate Sauce:
170g Rococo Honeycomb Crunch Milk Chocolate, with additional to crumble over the finished pancakes
120ml double cream
60ml milk
105g honey
A pinch of salt
Bring all the ingredients to the boil and blend into a creamy ganache. Smooth it over your pancakes and break up some additional Honeycomb Crunch bar over the top for extra texture.
Big Smoke & Molasses Sauce:
150g Rococo Big Smoke Dark Chocolate
105ml double cream
35g black treacle
25g molasses
Bring all the ingredients to the boil and whisk into a creamy ganache, ready to dollop onto your pancakes.

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