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Chocolate Bars

Explore our exceptional range of best chocolate bars, full to the brim with creative flavours and combinations. Whether you're looking for some simply delicious Sea Salt Milk Chocolate bars or something a little more exotic like our Orange Neroli Chocolate bars there really is something from our collection of best chocolate bars for you! You might also like to take a look at our delicious chocolate thins or our selection of chocolate novelty gifts.

Chocolate Bars
  • BeeBars-2
  • Bar_36WhiteChoc_Big_1
  • Bar_RubyChoc
  • Bar_BlondeChoc
  • Bar_CaradomWhiteChoc
  • Bar_41MilkChoc_Big_1
  • Bar_SeaSaltMilkChoc
  • Bar_SaltedCaramelMilkChoc
  • Bar_RoseMilkChoc
  • Rococo_700000_003
  • 2018.09.25-Rococo4948
  • Rococo_700040_003
  • Crystallised Ginger Chocolate Bar
  • Bar_L_65CocoDarkChoc_1

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