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Why Do We Celebrate Veganuary? 

Join us in celebrating Veganuary, a time when the vegan community unites, and newcomers are encouraged to explore the world of plant-based living. Explore our top vegan-friendly picks.


How To Celebrate Veganuary? 

Whether you're a dedicated vegan or a curious newcomer, Veganuary invites you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and flavours. Take this month to experiment and try new vegan recipes and treats, that showcase the wonderful possibilities of plant-based living.

Why Rococo Chocolates? 


Our Top Vegan-Friendly Picks: 

Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate Thins -

We grind the quintessentially British Earl Grey tea leaves into a fine powder to add depth of flavour and subtle texture. The addition of a little extra bergamot oil provides a note of bright citrus which balances the rich and fruity dark chocolate beautifully. Why not try these crisp thins as an indulgent tea-time treat.

Luxury Dark Hot Chocolate 

A luxuriously dark hot chocolate using Rococo’s signature 65% single-origin Colombian dark chocolate. Presented in a ribboned collectable Rococo print gift tin.

Low Sugar Dusted Scorched Almonds  

Provencal almonds are toasted, caramelised and rubbed with herbs and vanilla, before being enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder. Sugar-free, guilt-free and completely delicious.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Lemon Slices 

Candied lemon slices dipped in a rich dark chocolate. The perfect balance between fruity and toasty dark chocolate and sweet citrus zing.

Dark Chocolate Orangette Batons 

Candied orange peel batons enrobed in a thick coat of dark chocolate. A perfect balance between sweet, fruity and citrus. A true classic.


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