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where it all started...

Rococo Chocolates was founded in 1983 by Chantal Coady OBE, who wanted to change the way fine chocolate was perceived.

Following on from a Saturday job in Harrods selling confectionary, Chantal knew she wanted to create her own emporium of luxury chocolate, one that was an inspiring engagement of the senses that real chocolate deserves. So, armed with a little knowledge, a dangerous passion and the belief that there was room for a radically different approach to chocolate, Chantal opened the doors of the first Rococo Chocolates shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea.

At the time, the production happened in the basement of the store.
Soon, it was time to expand, and we started opening more stores in some of London's gourmet destinations, such as Belgravia, Notting Hill, St John's Wood or Marylebone Village.

  • The Story Behind Our Designs

    Global Inspiration

    Chantal Coady studied textile design at Camberwell’s School of Art, and she often drew on her travels and personal experiences to create unique and vibrant designs that, to this day, still reflect the our commitment to creativity and innovation.

    Peruse our range of Artisan Chocolate Bars and explore the similarities between Mediterranean tiles and our packaging.

    Our iconic toile pattern was inspired by the "moules pour chocolat", or chocolate moulds from a famed Parisian mould maker, which Chantal transformed into a repeating pattern similar to a Toile De Jouy.


    Deliciously Rococo

    In the early years, Rococo Chocolate operated as a small boutique, selling handmade chocolates made using high-quality ingredients. The company quickly gained a reputation for its creative and innovative approach to chocolate-making, and Coady became a well-known figure in the industry.

    Over the years, Rococo Chocolate has expanded its range of products, introducing new flavours and products such as chocolate bars, truffles, and chocolate gifts. We have also opened several retail locations in London, including a flagship store on King's Road in Chelsea.



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