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Autumn is the season when the UK’s producers complete their harvests and work their magic. We’re journeying to the South West on an exploration of local produce and well-known favourites. Celebrating some of the best this region has to offer, we evoke childhood memories of clotted cream and fudge and licking the salt spray from your lips, and grown-up moments of sunny afternoons with a glass of cider. The quartet is completed by contemporary offerings of rare Cornish-grown tea crafted into the chocolate equivalent of sitting down with a comforting cup of tea and biscuits, and Devon-grown chilli to spice you up as the nights draw in.


Somerset Cider
There’s a unique scent and flavour to West Country cider. We’ve combined a Burrow Hill cider jelly, with a milk chocolate Ice Cider ganache which has the sweet, concentrated flavour of apples left on the trees past the first frosts. First it’s fruity cider, then it mellows into unmistakable wood and smokey notes.


Cornish Tregothnan Tea and Biscuits
Cornwall is the only place in the country to grow Camillia Sinesis commercially to make tea. The stunning Tregothnan estate plucks its harvest and blends with classic Assam and Darjeeling. We’ve layered praline with Cornish spiced fairing biscuits and tea leaves, and a milk ganache infused with whole leaf Tregothanan tea.


South Devon Chilli
We’ve experimented and chosen three South Devon Chilli farm-grown and dried types of chilli; Paprika, Padron and Guajillo, for their blend of fruitiness and heat. We think we’ve developed a Chilli truffle that sneaks up on you then hits you with the perfect amount of punch.


Salted Clotted Cream Fudge
An unmistakable classic in a sophisticated guise. We’ve blended the famous Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream into a butter fudge, and offset its sweetness with a fine coat of dark chocolate and a sprinkling of Cornish sea salt. Can I have another please?”


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