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Do you have a little one that LOVES chocolate and would like to be a ‘Rococo Chocolates Mini Chocolatier’ this summer holiday? Here at Rococo Chocolates we are running a fun and educational Summer School over 4 weeks during the summer holiday, running a different workshop each week. Children will gain experience in key skills such as piping, moulding, rolling and decorating, as well as understanding how chocolate is made and where it comes from. All of which is done in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment.


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Our series of workshops will include:

Chocolate Bark- 27th July

Children will learn all about chocolate and where it comes from, before piping freshly tempered chocolate and decorating it with an array of child-friendly ingredients including popping candy, jelly beans, colourful sprinkles and a variety of dried and crystalised fruits. Whilst the chocolate is setting, we will test the children’s knowledge of all they have learnt about chocolate at the beginning of the session, in a fun and interactive quiz in our garden! Once the sheets of chocolate have set, the children will head back into the chocolate kitchen to SMASH them up to create the chocolate ‘bark’ pieces to take home!


Chocolate Lollipops- 1st August

The children will head straight into the chocolate kitchen to start working with freshly tempered chocolate. They will learn to improve their piping skills as they pipe their chosen lollipop shapes, ensuring they have clean edges and the perfect amount of chocolate to ensure perfectly even lollipops. Again, they will flavour and decorate them with a variety of ingredients to create colourful, unusual and delicious chocolate lollipops. While the lollipops are setting the children will be invited to take part in a ‘blind’ chocolate tasting. They will be asked to taste a variety of white, milk and dark chocolate, and be asked to guess the flavours they are experiencing. This will truly help them to understand the varying types of chocolate and give them an understanding of the different flavour profiles chocolate delivers. All of this is done in an informal and fun way to ensure the children are engaged and learning as they go.


Chocolate Bars- 8th August

The children will head straight into the chocolate kitchen where they will be given two bar moulds each and taught how to pipe into the moulds, ensuring they are creating the perfect chocolate bars with clean lines and even segments. They will then flavour and decorate the bars with more unusual and colourful ingredients before leaving them to set. During this time they will have the opportunity to design and draw their own chocolate bar wrappers to be wrapped around their completed bars before taking home.


Truffle Rolling- 15th August

During this final session the children will be rolling and decorating pre-made ganache to create delicious truffles. Things get a little more technical as time is of the essence when it comes to ganache and the children need to work quickly and very carefully to avoid the ganache melting. By the time they reach this workshop the children should be confident in handling chocolate and gained an array of knowledge throughout the course. While the truffles set we will ask the children to take part in their second ‘blind’ tasting. This time, as well as givng them a variety of white, milk and dark chocolate, we will also include bars that have slightly unusual flavour combinations that will really get their tastebuds working and perhaps recognise flavours that they may have included in their various chocolate creations throughout the course.


At the end of the series, your child will be presented with their very own Rococo Chocolates apron and ‘Rococo Chocolates Mini Chocolatier’ certificate outlining the skills they have learnt during the course!



Workshops run 11am- 1pm each day.

Parents are free to leave their children in our care for the two hours. Please arrive NO earlier that 15 minutes before the workshop and arrive for a prompt 1pm finish to collect your child.



  • Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Workshops are suitable for children aged strictly 7+ years old.

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