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As the season of Easter unfolds, the quest for the best Easter gift leads us to the heart of London, where we unveil a luxurious treasure: the Criollo Easter Eggs Collection.

Celebrated as the epitome of premium chocolate craftsmanship, this collection not only symbolises the best of London chocolates and British craftsmanship, but also sets a benchmark for luxury chocolates worldwide.

The Criollo Cocoa: The Essence of Luxury Chocolate

The Criollo cocoa bean, the star of our Easter collection, is a testament to what luxury chocolates are all about. Esteemed for its rarity and exquisite flavour profiles, the Criollo bean transforms Rococo's Easter eggs into a coveted delight for connoisseurs seeking the best Easter egg that embodies both taste and tradition.

Read more about our work with Criollo cacao.

Unveiling the Collection: An Unparalleled Premium Chocolate Experience

Each piece within the Easter Eggs Collection is a homage to the artistry that Rococo Chocolates stands renowned for. These are not just chocolates; they are meticulously crafted masterpieces, making them the best Easter gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The collection's elegance is matched by its packaging, making each egg a luxurious symbol of the season.

Discover our Sea Salt 38% Criollo Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and our 38% Ocumare Criollo Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Crunch Easter Egg, both made with Domori's 38% Ocumare Criollo Chocolate sourced from the Hacienda San Cristobal in Ecuador.

Our Sea Salt Trinitario 72% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is made with premium Trinitario cacao sourced from the Apurimac region in Peru. 

indulge in the exclusive taste of Criollo

Delving into the flavours of the Criollo Easter Eggs Collection, one experiences the pinnacle of premium chocolate.

The collection offers an unparalleled taste journey, making it the best Easter egg for those who seek to indulge in the sophistication of finely crafted luxury chocolates.

The marriage of Criollo chocolate and Halen Môn salt or honeycomb crunch adds texture and complimentary flavours to shine a light on the couverture used in the eggs.

Each egg, filled with Rococo's signature truffles and treats, echoes the rich and diverse palate that the Criollo bean is celebrated for.

Sustainability: A Luxury Beyond Taste

Rococo's commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability elevates the Criollo Easter Eggs Collection beyond the realm of luxury chocolates. By supporting small-scale farming and promoting biodiversity, this Easter collection embodies the principles of responsibility and care, making these Easter eggs a truly meaningful and guilt-free Easter gift.

Rococo's Criollo Easter Eggs Collection stands as a beacon for those searching for the best Easter gift, offering a taste of luxury unmatched in the realm of premium chocolate. As the best London chocolates, we promise an Easter experience that is as memorable as it is delicious.

Where to Find Your Best Easter Gift

Available in our online store and London chocolate emporiums, as well as select retailers, the Rococo Criollo Easter Eggs Collection offers a limited opportunity to indulge in what can only be described as the pinnacle of luxury chocolates.

Make this Easter unforgettable with the best Easter egg for your loved ones, a gift that epitomises the essence of luxury and the spirit of the season.






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