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It is a truth deliciously acknowledged that a mug of Hot Chocolate has the power to lift the spirits and banish cold from the soul. Here at Rococo, we make the best Luxury Drinking Chocolate but we also know how to craft a damn good recipe. Behold our recipe for a Decadent Hot Chocolate. Rich, Chocolaty, Creamy, Sweet. All good things and everything you need to bear the winter chill. 

Rococo's Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipe

Serves 2

You Will Need:

A saucepans

A medium glass bowl

A whisk

50g of Dark Chocolate - we'd recommend our Sea Salt Dark Artisan Bar, or one of our exquisite Single Origin Artisan Bars

30 ml of whipping cream (or oat cream, depending on your dietary preferences)

200ml of whole milk (or almond milk, or oat milk, depending on your dietary preferences)



1. Break apart your chosen chocolate and place it in a glass bowl.

2. Gently heat the cream and milk in a saucepan until almost boiling.

3. Gently pour your heated concoction over your broken chocolate. 

4. While you pour, hold the whisk in the centre of the mixture and stir. Create a chocolaty whirlpool and watch as your decadent elixir forms before your very eyes.

5. Pour into your chosen mugs, and top with a little cream and if you're feeling brave, a pinch of chilli! 

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