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Children’s Chocolate Parties

Nothing say’s ‘Happy Birthday’ like a day filled with chocolate! (well in our opinion anyway!)

Our children’s party workshops are suitable for age 7+, and are the perfect activity for your little one and their friends. We start our workshops with a brief, fun and informative background on chocolate and where it comes from, before the children roll up there sleeves and delve into the wonderful world of lollipop making!

The children will pipe their own lollipops, which they will then decorate until there heart is content with a variety of yummy decorations. All the while, our chocolate expert will be guiding them through the piping and decorating process and encouraging them to get creative.

After piping and decorating, the lollipops will be left to set. This is the perfect time to test their tastebuds with an informal chocolate tasting. Our chocolate experts will give the children a variety of Rococo’s chocolates to try and encourage them to become inquisitive and experiment with different flavours and test their knowledge.

While the children get messy, parents are invited to relax in our cafe. If parents wish to bring a birthday cake the time, while the lollipops are setting is a perfect time to bring this out.

Workshops last approx.90 minutes and take place at our Belgravia store.

If you wish to book one of our children’s party workshops please email holly.mecke-taylor@rococochocolates.com