Dark Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices


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Candied orange slices enrobed in a rich dark chocolate. The perfect balance between fruity and toasty dark chocolate and sweet citrus zing.

Product Details & Ingredients

Sustainably sourced
& ethical production
Hand crafted
in London


  1. Joanna Lloyd

    I was asked for a review some days before they’d arrived – but i guess times are tipsy turvy! They are a present to a friend who’s vegan and she’s delighted. I can comment on taste as I haven’t had one – but they looked lovely.

  2. Briana

    These are my favorites! They are hard to come by where I live and these are the best! They are not too sweet while still being amazing! I highly recommend them. Even my fussy husband really enjoyed them!

  3. Mary Wallace

    Absolutely delicious! The orange is so soft and sweet and the chocolate covering is perfection!

  4. musetteofmine

    The orange half slices, with partial dark chocolate dip, disappeared to be replaced with whole round slices! These disc-like pieces are far more pleasing to my eye, and feel better in my hand, due to their smooth and even Rococo chocolate coating. Each bite yields chewy, fleshy orange bliss! Just because the fruit pieces are “dry”, don’t be fooled into thinking that the pulp and peel are totally dried out and hard. No! You get as much texture here as you do flavor; you can’t go wrong with the chocolate + orange combo! Unlike commercial brands, the taste is so natural. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the peel, pulled apart and dipped by itself. Minor details and preferences aside, I’m happy the batons are also available on site, but really, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

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With a rich British heritage and over thirty five years of expertise, at Rococo Chocolates we bring tastes and experiences to our customers for the first time, and believe in setting trends, not following them. We pride ourselves on our ethical and sustainable practices, and use only the finest ingredients in our chocolates.