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How To Celebrate Romance With Rococo Chocolates

Romance is an elusive creature and an artform many of us find difficult to master. With an open mind and a dash of spontaneity, we can all learn how to be romantic and celebrate romance. From romantic gifts and ambience rich chocolate making experiences, to a little advice on how to be romantic, the Rococo Chocolatiers have come up with a few ideas to help you celebrate love and bask in the romantical glow of Valentine’s Day. 

How To Be Romantic

Whether you’ve only just started your love story or you’re decades in, there are so many ways to be romantic. All of them stem from how well you know yourself and your beau. We could wax lyrical about moonlight flits and champagne dinners at the peak of the Eiffel Tower but ultimately, romance is about the two of you, together. Broadly speaking, being romantic boils down to a few key traits: Thoughtfulness, Openness, Generosity, Love Language, Listening, Quality Time, Affection and a dash of Spontaneity. How you express these traits depends on who you and your loved one are and how you are together. That sounds like a lot. You don’t need to be everything but any gesture of any romantic trait will bring you and your beau closer together. 

How To Tell Someone You Love Them

Out with it! Life is short. Telling someone you love them isn’t always easy but being true to yourself and your feelings is an important life lesson we all need to learn. Words are best but there are so many ways to tell someone you love them. From blurting the words out of context, speaking them with conviction, a romantic letter, post-it notes left in their filofax, crocheting the words into a keepsake or attaching a personalised message to a chocolate gift box. It doesn’t matter how you tell someone, so long as you do. 

Ways To Be More Romantic

Sometimes, love is unspoken and can be felt through the tiniest gesture. If you’re looking for ways to be more romantic, look no further. Here are our top 5 favourite ways to be romantic:

  • Spend Quality Time Together: A candlelit picnic in your living room, with your favourite takeaway.
  • Try Something New: A wine tasting at your favourite wine bar. 
  • Share A Hobby: Garden together, or devise your own private hillwalking club.
  • Acts Of Service: Make them breakfast in bed, accompanied by their favourite songs. 
  • Emotional Support: Check in with each other regularly and offer a kind ear. 

How To Celebrate Your Partner

Celebrating your partner for all their brilliance, as well as their achievements, is so important. We find that the best way to celebrate your partner is with a generous gesture. From a dozen red roses and a bottle of champagne to dinner in the finest restaurant. Our favourite way though (bias intended) is with An Extravagance of Chocolates or A Romantic Evening Of Chocolate Tasting. What better way to celebrate your romance than with a shared experience? Whether that be a DIY chocolate tasting on your sofa with one of our chocolate gift boxes or a bespoke experience with one of our chocolatiers. 

Gifts For Couples

Sharing is caring, and sharing in a new experience is at the very pinnacle of romance. For us at Rococo, the delicious adventure begins with our chocolate gifts for couples. We’ve curated a set of gifts ideal for sharing with your partner, and to get those tastebuds talking. 

Our Chocolate & Truffle Collection, ranging in sizes from small to large, makes a veritable smorgasbord of delight for any couple. With sumptuous flavours from Pear & Jasmine to the classic Sea Salt Caramel, you can snack the night away together from the comfort of the sofa (and each other’s company). 

Hot Chocolate is a love language all its own, and our hot chocolate comes in a variety of adventurous flavours from Luxury Dark Orange to White Chocolate & Cardamom. Whether you’re curling up with your partner to watch a romantic movie or craving a little midnight snack, our Hot Chocolate is just the affectionate ticket. If you need some tips on how to make a wonderfully decadent hot chocolate, read our blog on How to Make, Taste & Pair Hot Chocolate.

Create Your Own Chocolate Box With Us In Store! Crafted in-house by our chocolatiers, our award-winning fresh chocolate counters in store offer a world of flavour for you and your partner to explore. Pop into one of our London Stores in Marylebone, Belgravia or Chelsea and one of our lovely Sales Associates can help you craft a bespoke chocolate box packed with flavours of your choice. You can give this gift the personal touch too, with our personalised messaging service. 

Or, create a date night to remember with Rococo Chocolates. We offer a variety of chocolate making and tasting experiences, designed to awaken the senses and bring you closer together. A Romantic Evening Of Chocolate Tasting is just what cupid called for. In the cosy ambience of our Marylebone Store, you’ll be guided through a bespoke tasting of some of our bestselling chocolates and treats with a glass of wine in hand. Together with your beau, you can learn all things chocolate and bond over delicious chocolate knowledge. 

All in all. Celebrating romance is an art that you can master and whether you do it with a box of chocolates or a well written post-it note, Rococo can help you craft a love story for the ages.

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