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The cocoa farmers from the Grococo farm have for years been jumping over rocks to get to the harvest for years, but now they have a bridge!


The river that borders the farm has always been difficult to negotiate, and the water can get very high at harvest time. Mott Green’s vision was to build this bridge to make it easier to get the cocoa to the Grenada Chocolate Company factory, and as his partners and investors in the farm we dedicated the entire Rococo marketing budget for 2013 to make it happen. This spring the foundations were put in place and Mott oversaw the production of the metal bridge frame.


The frame was craned into place on 31st May. Tragically, this was one of the very last things that Mott did before he was killed while working on a fuse box.


At Mott’s memorial service in Grenada in June, Chantal and James vowed to complete the half-finished bridge in Mott’s memory, a project that they’d committed to together. They met with Joe Gilbert, the engineer, and we’re delighted to announce that the bridge is now open.


It’s wonderful to see the finished bridge in all its glory, and on November 14th the official opening will take place at Hermitage, Grenada.

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