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Where are the chocolates made?

All of our chocolates are made using high quality ingredients. Since our acquisition by the Prestat Group, we are proud to be working with the award-winning Domori coverture chocolate, which is sourced from the Ivory Coast.

Our Chocolatier’s Fresh collection is handmade in small batches in our London Chocolate Kitchen using Domori Chocolate coverture. 

Our chocolate gift boxes are made with delicious chocolates from carefully selected partners in the UK, following recipes developed by our in-house chocolatiers to ensure they meet our standards of high quality and taste. Where possible, we work with small heritage businesses who craft our chocolates by hand.

Our confectionary collection, including our Italian Nougat, French Pralines and Jello Babes, are carefully sourced from responsible partners across France and Belgium to our specifications, ensuring excellence in taste, look and quality.

Where can I buy your products?

Our range of chocolates and sweets can be found here on our website, or at any 3 of our London Shops in Belgravia, Marylebone & Chelsea. You can use our handy Store Locator to find your nearest Rococo Store and browse our chocolates in luxury. We also workwith the most prestigious retailers in London, where you can find some of our bestselling treats, at the likes of Liberty London & Selfridges. 

How Can I get help/ I have questions about your company, brand, website

For any queries about our company, brand and website, or if you need help resolving an issue that isn’t covered in our FAQs, please email Our customer service team aims to respond to all emails within 48 hours. There are times where this can take a little longer due to the volume of messages we receive, particularly in the run up to holidays. Please bear with us while we get back to you, and rest assured that we will respond to your query asap. Please also be aware that it is best to send 1 query email only per subject. Multiple emailscancrowd the inbox, and this will mean that it will take longer for us to respond to our customers. 

Do You Have A Phone Number I Can Call For Help?

If you would prefer to speak to one of our sales associates over the phone, each of our London Shops has an active phone number you can use. Follow these links to find the contact details for each store: Belgravia, Marylebone & Chelsea. Our sales associates are blessed with talent and knowledge and may be able to help you resolve an order-related query. Before placing your call, ensure you have your order number ready so that our team can help you. Please be aware that our Stores can be incredibly busy and if a call is missed, we may not be able to return it, so it is always best to email our customer services team at to guarantee a response. Our customer service team always aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours and will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Do You Work With Influencers?

We are always happy to work with creatives who share our passion and vision for the British Chocolate Craft. If you’d like to work with us, send the below to and if you fit the bill – we’ll be in touch! 


What Are Fresh Chocolates?

Our Chocolatiers Fresh Collections are an award-winning set of seasonal chocolates, handmade in small batches in our London kitchen by our in-house chocolatiers. Lead by the incomparable Evelyne Birbaumer, our chocolatiers change this collection seasonally based on their own expertise and culinary inspiration.  

Discover worlds of flavour by purchasing a Chocolatiers Fresh Collection either as a one-off or as a subscription, and journey through a spectrum of taste and style. Available as a 25-piece Classic, Dark & Non-Alcoholic Collection, or as a Classic 16- & 9-piece Collection, you’ll be sure to find a luxury collection to sate your curiosity. 

Made to the highest standard, our Chocolatiers Fresh Collections are internationally recognised for their innovation, quality and taste. Our passionate team of chocolatiers have won awards from the Academy of Chocolate, the International Chocolate Awards, and have even won individually for Chocolatier of the Year and the inaugural Golden Bonbon Award (for the highest-scoring chocolate of the year). When you buy a Chocolatiers Fresh Collection, you aren’t just buying a box of chocolates, you are participating in a delicious art form, indulging in the creativity of a culinary expert, and taking yourself on a journey through a spectrum of flavour.  

Do I Need To Keep My Chocolates In The Fridge?

This depends on the outside temperature and humidity, and the type of chocolates you have purchased. A cool dry place is always preferable to a fridge, particularly for any chocolates brought from our Fresh collection. If the room temperature is more than 25°C, please store your chocolates in the fridge. Always wrap chocolate and seal carefully before refrigerating. Allow any Fresh Chocolates Nibbles, or Truffles to return to room temperature before unwrapping and eating. However, our Artisan Bars & Broken Chocolates taste rather delicious straight from the fridge on a hot summer day.

How Long Do Your Chocolates Keep?

The best before dates on our chocolate vary from product to product. We guarantee all products for 1 month upon arrival with you. However, some chocolates have shorter and longer shelf lives, if they are stored correctly; Chocolatiers Fresh Collections – 4 weeks; Creams – 5 Months; Artisan Bars, Nibble Bags, Truffle Tubs, Gift Boxes, Novelty Treats – 6 months; Chocolate Thins – 9 Months; Jello Babes – 10 Months; Hot Chocolate, Neapolitans – 12 Months.

Where Can I See The List Of Ingredients For Your Products?

Each of our product pages online includes an ‘ingredients’ tab. When viewing your chosen product, simply scroll down and select the ‘ingredients’ tab, and the list of ingredients will appear with the allergens in bold. If you have any queries regarding ingredients and allergens for products, please email

Which Of Your Products Are Suitable For Nut Allergy Sufferers?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that any of our products are suitable for people with nut allergies. While some of our products are made without nuts, they are handled, packed and sometimes made in the same facility as our nut-based products and ingredients. 


How Do I Log Into My Account?

We have recently updated our customer accounts system! If you are unable to login, all you need to do is ‘sign up’ again with the new programme on our website using the same email address. Simply click on the ‘person’ logo in the top right corner of your screen and follow the steps. Once set up, all your old information will be synchronised. 

I Had An Account, But It Does Not Recognice My Password, How Can I Log In?

There are 2 fixes you can try here.  

First, please try ‘reset your password’. You will be sent an invitation by email to reset your password. Follow the steps and try to log into your account again. 

Second, if the above does not work – please set up a new account. We recently switched to a new customer account system. If you are unable to login, all you need to do is ‘sign up’ again with the new programmed on our website using the same email address. Simply click the ‘person’ logo in the top right corner of your screen and follow the steps. Once set up, all your old information will be synchronised. 

My Account Has The Wrong Name/Details On It, How Can I Update It?

If there are any errors in the person details on your account, please email a member of our customer services team at and they will be able to resolve this for you.

Do You Have A Loyalty Programme?

We have a brand-new loyalty scheme for you to join. Visit our homepage and click on the loyalty ‘star’ in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and select ‘Join Now.’ Enter your chosen login details, including your email & password, and click ‘Create Account’. An account verification email will be sent to you asap. Once received, open this email and click ‘Activate Your Account’. Your account will then be ready to use straight away!  

Our loyalty programme comes with a lot of perks: 

For every £1 you spend, you’ll receive 5 points. You can earn 200 points each for signing up to our loyalty scheme, following us on Instagram or celebrating a birthday. 

For every 100 points you earn, you’ll receive £1 to spend on your next order with Rococo. 

When you sign up to our loyalty scheme, you’ll receive 15% off your next order. 

You will be the first to know about any new and delicious chocolates we release. 

How Do I Redeem My Loyalty Points?

For every 100 points you earn, you’ll receive £1 to spend at Rococo. To redeem this reward, log into your account and select the ‘Top Hat’ symbol. A pop-up screen showing your points will appear. Select the ‘ways to redeem’ option, and then select ‘redeem’. Your order discount will then be applied.


How Do I Place An Order?

Add your chosen chocolate to your cart by selecting ‘Add to Basket’. Your product will then be added to your cart. Select the shopping cart icon and select ‘continue to checkout’.You’ll be taken to a new page, to add your contact, billing, and shipping information. Enter your address, then select ‘continue to shipping’, then choose your preferred ‘shipping method'. Finally, select ‘continue to payment’ and enter your payment details and billing address. Once complete, you can review and complete your order. 

Where Do You Ship?

We ship worldwide, to all countries, where customs allow. For international orders, please allow 2 weeks processing time at customs. 

Can I Place An Order Over The Phone?

All 3 of our stores accept orders placed via telephone. Call Chelsea, Marylebone or Belgravia via these links and place your order with one of our sales associates. We will also take payment over the phone too, so be sure to have your payment & shipping details ready.

Why Can't I Checkout?

Please check the availability of the products you have chosen. There may be a product in your basket which is unavailable for delivery, or only available for local collection at one of our 3 stores. If you are still experiencing issues, please email us at

Can I Add A Gift Note To My Order?

You can add a gift note to your order at checkout. Once you have added chocolate to your basket, select your cart. Above the ‘continue to checkout’ option, is an additional box where you can enter your gift note. We will then print this message and deliver it with your gift.

Shipping & Delivery

Can I Check If My Order Has Been Shipped?

Behold the benefits of setting up a Rococo Chocolates account! Once set up, you can log in and check the status of your order. Simply log in and select ‘orders’. Your order status will be listed there. 

Can I Track My Order?

There are two ways to track your order. Before you start, make sure you have your order tracking number. This will have been sent to you with your email order confirmation, when you placed your order. 

Using our website chat bot, select the ‘Track My Order’ option on our homepage. Select 'enter your order information’, enter your tracking number and your email address. Our system will report back the status of your order instantly. 

For a more detailed response, use the order tracking link at the bottom of our homepage. Enter your tracking number, and our system will give you the full status of your order. 

My Order Has Been Marked As Delivered But I Haven't Received My Order

If you have experienced any issues with the delivery of your order, please contact a member of our customer services team at and one of our associates will be happy to resolve the issue for you.

How Do I Check That My Gift Note Has Been Added?

Once your gift note has been written, and your order has been placed, there is no way to check your gift note. However, rest assured we have received it and it will be included in your order on delivery.


What Products Are Available As Subscriptions?

A variety of our bestselling chocolates are available as a subscription. The list is as follows: Rose & Violet Creams, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Chocolatier’s Fresh Collections and our indulgent Hot Chocolate. Each are available as a 30-, 60- or 90-day subscription.

What Are The Perks Of Subscribing?

When you subscribe to a selection of chocolates, you save up to 10% on each product.

How Do I Know What Subscription I Have?

Behold the benefits of setting up a Rococo Chocolates account! Once set up, you can log in and manage your subscriptions. Simply select ‘manage subscriptions’ on your account page and you will be able to see what subscription you have.

How Do I Skip A Delivery?

Log into your Rococo Chocolates account and select ‘manage subscriptions’ and you will be able to pause your subscription or change the frequency of your deliveries.

Can I Change My Subscription?

To make any changes to your subscription, log into your account, select ‘manage subscriptions’ and you can pause, cancel, or change the frequency of your subscription. To subscribe to a different product, you will need to purchase this separately through our website.

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