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Every Easter morning, children across the world race around their homes and gardens, scrambling to find chocolate eggs and Easter treats hidden by the fabled Easter Bunny.


The origin of this egg-hiding bunny (or Hare, as the story goes) dates back to the 17th century. Legend depicts this furry folkloric figure hopping through the night, basket in paw, carrying colourful painted eggs to leave in the houses of ‘well behaved’ children. Much like a fluffy Father Christmas.


The chocolate eggs we all know today originated in the 19th century, with German and French Chocolatiers at the helm of the trend. Notable mention should also go to the town of Tosca in Italy. They hold the record for creating the world’s largest chocolate Easter egg, weighing in a colossal 7,200kg.


As with many seasonal customs, we can credit royal figureheads such as Queen Victoria for popularising the Egg hunting tradition in the UK. She is said to have enjoyed the activity from childhood at Kensington Palace. She would often write about it in her diary:


‘After breakfast, the children, as usual on this day looked for Easter Eggs.’


With something to suit every Easter wish-list, our Easter collection  is certainly something worth hinting to the Easter Bunny about.


We’d recommend our colourful foiled Hunting Bunny mini eggs, or our Praline City Farm Animals.

hunting bunny eggs 1kg







If it’s a more grown up hunt, go for something a little more indulgent. Try our Salted Caramel Seagull eggs and Praline Quail eggs. 


salted caramel seagull eggs praline quail's egg














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