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It is a truth deliciously acknowledged that a mug of Hot Chocolate lifts the spirits and banishes cold from the soul. In fact, Hot Chocolate is the international language of comfort, love and self-care. From the Chocolat Chaud of France to the Chocolademelk of the Netherlands. 
Rococo’s Luxury Hot Chocolate is the epitome of Spirit Lifters.
For your reading pleasure, we have put together a little guide: How To Make, Taste & Pair Our Hot Chocolate.
Before we delve into Rococo’s Hot Chocolate Guide, let’s take a moment to look at: How our Hot Chocolate is made.
Our cocoa-rich Drinking Chocolate is made with Single Origin Colombian Cocoa. The chocolate is mixed, tempered and poured into large brick-like moulds by our band of chocolatiers at Rococo HQ. These chocolate bricks are then hand-shaved to make fine chocolate flakes that can melt into an indulgent, velvet, Drinking Chocolate with fruity, nutty and creamy tasting notes. For each unique Rococo flavour, we hand select luxury ingredients to accentuate their delicious personalities. From Organic Orange Oil from Italy to the fragrant Cardamom grown by Smallholders in Guatemala.
Rococo’s Drinking Chocolate collection contains 5 luxurious flavours: Dark 65%, Milk Banana, White Cardamom, Dark Chai and Dark Orange.
 Our White Chocolate Cardamom Hot Chocolate is a world-renowned creation. Niki Segnit’s widely acclaimed Flavour Thesaurus compared our White Chocolate Cardamom to Kulfi - an aromatic and rich Indian ice cream made with milk, sugar, saffron, nuts and cardamom. Who wouldn’t want a mug of that? Our Hot Chocolates are deliciously adventurous, and a luxury must-have.
 So… Onto Our Hot Chocolate Guide!
 How To Make The Perfect Hot Chocolate:
 Our Hot Chocolate Recipe is a perfect pick-me-up treat.
Choose your favourite huggable mug, and fill it with 4-6 heaped teaspoons of your chosen Drinking Chocolate flakes. The number of teaspoons depends entirely on how rich you want your Hot Chocolate.
Warm 250 mls of your favourite milk. Each of our Hot chocolates pairs perfectly with full-fat cows milk, Almond Milk or Oat Milk - for a creamy chocolaty elixir.
Once warmed, pour a splash of milk into the Chocolate flakes. Stir carefully and allow the flakes to melt until you have a smooth chocolate paste. You may need to add another dash of milk to get the right consistency.
Once you have your chocolate paste, slowly add the rest of the milk, stirring as you go.
A velvet Hot Chocolate will appear before your very eyes. Decadent and delicious in look, aroma and taste.
Depending on how treaty you want to make it, you can add a dollop of cream and a sprinkling of hot chocolate flakes (or a pinch of chilli if you’re feeling bold).
What Goes With Hot Chocolate?
There is an art to pairing and tasting Hot Chocolate, that the Rococo Chocolatiers have mastered.
Here, they are going to share their tips and tricks for a beautifully paired Hot Chocolate.
Luxury Dark 65% Hot Chocolate
Luxury Hot Chocolate. Best Hot Chocolate Gifts. Dark Hot Chocolate.
Made with 65% Single Origin Colombian Cocoa for an intense chocolate hit. Our Signature Hot Chocolate is also Vegetarian. 
Tasting Notes: Fruity, Rich Cocoa, Roasted Hazelnut, Caramel.
Pairing Suggestion: A Soft, Salty, German Pretzel; A Fresh Apple Pie; Rococo Fresh; Any Milk
Luxury Milk Banana Hot Chocolate
Luxury Milk Banana Hot Chocolate, makes the perfect Hot Chocolate Gift. One of our bestselling Hot Chocolate gifts.
Made with 41% Single Origin Colombian Cocoa, with real banana, for a sweet treat.
Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Honey, Rum, Caramel. 
Pairing Suggestions: Coconut Milk; Full Fat Cows Milk; A Dash Of Rum. 
Luxury White Cardamom Hot Chocolate
Luxury White Cardamom Hot Chocolate, beautifully presented in a Gift Tin. The perfect Hot Chocolate Gift.
Made with 36% Single Origin Colombian Cocoa, with fragrant cardamom. 
Tasting Notes: Warming Spice, Sweet Citrus, Floral, Aromatic, Creamy.
Pairing Suggestions: Almond Milk; Full Fat Cows Milk
Luxury Dark Chai Spice Hot Chocolate
Luxury Dark Chai Spice Hot Chocolate beautifully presented in a decorated chocolate gift tin. A perfect Hot Chocolate Gift and one of the best hot chocolate gifts in the UK.
Made with 65% Single Origin Colombian Cocoa, with warming spices.
Tasting Notes: Nutmeg, Ginger, Floral, Spicy.
Pairing Suggestions: Hazelnut Milk; Almond Milk; Full Fat Cows Milk; Malted Biscuit 
Luxury Dark Orange Hot Chocolate
Shop Best Hot Chocolate Gifts Online. Luxury Dark Orange Hot Chocolate, made with organic orange essential oil. The Perfect Hot Chocolate Gift.
Made with 65% Single Origin Colombian Cocoa, with Organic Orange Essential Oil.
Tasting Notes: Fruity; Juicy Orange; Hints of Marmalade.
Pairing Suggestions: Full Fat Cows Milk; 1 tsp of chai or cardamom (for a deliciously complex cup)
Chocolate Facts - From The Rococo Chocolatiers
In Colombia, they pair Hot Chocolate with Cheese. Typically, a soft cheese like mozzarella or queso campesino or queso doble. This is melted into the Hot Chocolate to make it extra thick and creamy, with an irresistible tang.
So now you know, dear reader, how to make, taste and pair our Hot Chocolate, and maybe craft an indulgent treat of your own. Huzzah!

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