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When it comes to luxury chocolates, Rococo Chocolates stands out not only for its exquisite taste but also for its distinctive and artistic packaging.

The story behind Rococo’s packaging is as rich and detailed as the chocolates themselves, rooted in the vision of its founder, Chantal Coady OBE.

A Visionary Founder with a Passion for Pattern Making

Chantal Coady, the creative force behind Rococo Chocolates, embarked on her chocolate journey with a unique blend of passion and expertise.

Educated in textile design at the prestigious Camberwell School of Arts in London, Coady brought a deep understanding of design and aesthetics to the world of chocolate.

Her education equipped her with the skills to create intricate and beautiful patterns, which would later become a hallmark of Rococo’s packaging.

The Discovery of a Hidden Treasure

The story of Rococo’s iconic packaging began with a serendipitous discovery. During her early days in the chocolate industry, Coady stumbled upon a centuries-old catalogue of chocolate moulds issued by a French artisan.

This treasure trove of designs provided the inspiration for Rococo’s original "toile" pattern, a detailed and whimsical design that has become synonymous with the brand.

The replication of these historical patterns not only honoured the heritage of chocolate making but also set the stage for Rococo’s unique visual identity.

A "hat box" hamper.

Iconic and Recognisable: The Rococo Packaging

Rococo Chocolates’ packaging is more than just a container for delicious chocolates; it’s a statement.

The intricate patterns and vibrant colours make each product instantly recognisable, a true testament to Coady’s vision and creativity.

The packaging never takes itself too seriously, incorporating playful elements that reflect the joy and indulgence of chocolate. This balance of elegance and whimsy is what makes Rococo stand out to this day!


The Cat That Got The Cream, the punnily-named chocolates and truffles selection box.

Thoughtful Details and Personal Touches

What sets Rococo apart is the attention to detail in its packaging.

Each product is thoughtfully designed, with details such as hand-ribboning or nods to traditional hat boxes, adding a touch of sophistication and nostalgia.

These personal touches create an experience that goes beyond the chocolate itself, making every Rococo purchase feel like a special treat.

A Legacy of Design and Indulgence

Rococo Chocolates’ packaging tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and passion.

Chantal Coady’s dedication to combining art and chocolate has created a brand that is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to taste.

The iconic designs, inspired by historical moulds and brought to life with a modern twist, ensure that Rococo Chocolates remains a beloved and easily recognisable brand in the world of luxury confectionery.

In a world where packaging often goes unnoticed, Rococo Chocolates reminds us of the power of thoughtful design and the joy of indulging in something truly special.

Seasonal Adjustments: Celebrating Every Occasion

Rococo Chocolates takes its commitment to design a step further by adjusting its iconic pattern for seasonal celebrations. Each year, the talented designers at Rococo scour for seasonal moulds in the original catalogue, to find delightful shapes such as Easter bunnies and Christmas stars, which they use to infuse a festive spirit into their packaging.

An example of the Christmas toile designed in 2023 by graphic designer Gabby Herrera. 

These seasonal elements are seamlessly integrated into the original "toile" pattern, creating a fresh and relevant design that resonates with the time of year.

This thoughtful approach ensures that Rococo’s packaging remains dynamic and exciting, offering you a delightful and thematic experience with every purchase. Whether it’s a whimsical Easter bunny or sparkling Christmas stars, these seasonal adjustments keep Rococo’s packaging both timeless and timely, enhancing the overall charm of the brand.

An extract of the original confectionery mould catalogue.

Whether it’s the intricate "toile" pattern, the playful details, or the elegant ribboning, every aspect of Rococo’s packaging is a testament to Coady’s vision and the enduring appeal of beautifully crafted chocolates.


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