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Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

It can be difficult to know what to buy Mum for Mother’s Day. Don’t fret, thoughtful gifters. We have a host of Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you make her feel special this year. Whether you’re looking for Mother’s Day presents under £25, Mother’s Day gifts in London or you want to shower her with generous affection, our Best Mother’s Day Gift Guide For 2023 can help you pick the perfect gift. Afterall, sometimes the best way to say “I love you Mum” is with a box of chocolates. 

When is Mother’s Day 2023?

Mother’s Day is on Sunday 19 March, 2023. 

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s day is a centuries old tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. Back then, it had more to do with the religious festival of Lent. On the fourth Sunday of Lent, families would reunite in their “mother” Churches, with their mothers, to celebrate the holy day. As time went on, the holy day became what we now know as Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday, and focuses a lot more on celebrating Mothers, Motherhood and Maternal relationships. Want to learn more about the history of Mother’s Day? Click here

How To Shop Mother’s Day

When it comes to selecting the best chocolate gift for Mum, we recommend thinking, sweet, floral, chocolate gift box and, if you want to make a grand gesture, select a host of treats and build your own hamper for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day flowers are a very popular gift but maybe you can gift a different type of bouquet this year, we have a whole host of floral chocolates available online and in-store so you can make your very own chocolate bouquet. 

Mother’s Day Gifts Under £25

If you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts on a budget, we have an array of Mother’s Day presents under £25. Read on and discover our top gifting picks for 2023. 

Our bestselling Rose & Violet Creams make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Creamy fondants delicately infused with rose & violet essential oils and enrobed in single origin dark chocolate. Each bite invokes a bouquet of flavour fit to delight any Mum this Mother’s Day. Priced from £22.95, this luxury gift box is emblazoned with botanical drawings and wrapped in ribbon, ready to gift. 

For a gift that dabbles in adventurous flavours, we recommend our Cat That Got The Cream Gift Box. This 12 piece selection is priced at £22.95, and contains a selection of taste sensations from the fragrant Milk Chocolate, Pear & Jasmine Ganache to the floral Dark Chocolate & Orange Blossom Honey Ganache. This gift box is styled in powder pink and decorated with a proud feline. The perfect gift for any matriarch this Mother’s Day. 

Maybe your Mum prefers the simple and elegant gesture? Our Milk Ganache Truffle Tub makes a thoughtful gift. 16 silky milk chocolate ganache truffles nestled in one of our signature Rococo toile gift boxes and wrapped with red ribbon. Our signature milk chocolate carries sweet, hazelnut and honied tasting notes making these truffles wickedly moreish and the perfect accompaniment for your Mum’s favourite film. 

Grand Gesture Gifting For Mother’s Day

Maybe you want to spoil your Mum deliciously rotten this year, after all, she deserves it! For this, we have a whole host of luxurious and decadent chocolate gifts to surprise and delight every Mum. 

Our Large Chocolate & Truffle Collection will make the perfect centrepiece for lunch on Mothering Sunday. Containing 36 chocolates, this large gift box is filled with our bestselling treats from our Dark Chocolate Ecuadorian Ganache to our moreish praline crunch. Your Mum can snaffle March away bite by bite with this decadent gift. 

Or you can go gifting mad and shower her with affection, using our world-renowned Extravagance of Chocolates. Each sleekly styled box contains pull-out draws housing 100 chocolates. Each one more moreish than the last. Your Mum will be delighted for weeks to come with this grand gesture and what’s more, she can keep the box afterwards. 

Mother’s Day Gifts In London

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts in London, look no further. Our Chocolate Emporiums in Marylebone and Chelsea are filled to the brim with chocolate gifts to delight every Mum this Mother’s Day. What’s more, our Sales Associates are at the ready with gifting knowledge to help you create the perfect present. Our shops also offer a bespoke hamper service, where you can build your own chocolate hamper AND we offer personalised gifts for Mother’s Day.

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