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We’ve always had close ties with Grenada – or ‘Spice Island’, as it’s otherwise known. It’s a story that goes back as far as 2004, when our Founder Chantal forged a close bond with the founders of the Grenada Chocolate Company over many cups of cocoa tea. In 2007, we were able to team up with them to purchase a small cocoa farm. It’s given us a perfect opportunity to produce our own fairly-traded, ethical chocolate. Since the first successful harvest, we have been including these beans in our Rococo Organic House Blend chocolate.

Grenada recently played host to Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall on their 12-day Royal Tour of the Caribbean.


The royal couple received a colourful welcome by Dame Cecile La Grenade, the country’s Governor General. They then went on to get a real taste of Grenada – a chocolatey one at that, as they met with our friends at the Grenada Chocolate Company.


The royal couple enjoyed a tasting led by Magdalena Fielden, ‘Chocolate Educator’, Founder of The House of Chocolate and Organiser of the Grenada Chocolate Festival. Included in the selection were a range of award-winning Grenada Chocolate Company bars.




As they tasted, their Royal Highnesses were able to learn about to the Tree to Bar movement. Grenada is one of the only chocolate producing locations in the world to follow this practice.



With an appetite for more, the royal couple enjoyed bee pollen chocolate – famous Grenadian nutmeg-spiced chocolate – and finished off with the local delicacy of cocoa tea. They left with a hamper brimming with fine Grenada products to tuck into later, including our very own Spice Island Artisan Bar.



Why not try our Grenada Bars for yourself? They’re good enough for royalty…


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