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Kids' Easter Chocolate

Our kids' Easter chocolate is the perfect way to celebrate with the younger chocoholics this year. Discover our extra-thick, luxury children's Easter egg, all wrapped up in a super cute bunny rabbit print box and filled with foiled mini eggs. You might also like our selection of Easter nibbles, all you need for the ultimate egg hunt.
Rococo Chocolates Kids Easter Chocolate. Easter Chocolate for children, including kids easter egg and a selection of small kids easter chocolate. Perfect treats for any easter egg hunt.
  • Rococo Chocolates Clattering of Chickens. Handmade hazelnut praline chocolates, made with milk, dark and white chocolate. Beautifully gift wrapped. Available online and in-store. A Chattering of Chickens
  • Rococo Chocolates Fluffle of Bunnies Milk Chocolate Nibble Bag. Handmade Milk Chocolate Bunny Rabbit Shapes. Beautifully gift wrapped. Available online and in-store. 2020.02.07 Rococo Easter Eggs0207
  • Rococo Chocolates Children's Easter Egg. The Milk Chocolate Easter Egg. Handmade thick milk chocolate shell, filled with colourful foiled milk chocolate eggs. Beautifully gift wrapped, and ready for easter gifting. Available online and in-store. Kids Easter Egg. MilkChocolateEgg_4
  • Rococo Chocolates Leap of Lambs Chocolate Nibble Bag. Handmade White Chocolate Lamb Shaped Chocolates. The perfect Easter Gift and for Easter Gifting. Beautifully gift wrapped. Available online and in-store. A Leap of Lambs Nibble Bag
  • Rococo Chocolates Bumble of Bees Milk Chocolate Nibbles. Handmade Milk Chocolate Bumble Bee Shapes. The perfect Easter Gift. Beautifully Gift Wrapped. Available online and in-store. A Bumble of Bees Nibble Bag

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