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These chocolates are made in our London kitchen by our passionate team of chocolatiers.

Every few months we add a small number of chocolates to this collection, inspired by the changing seasons.

Sample our delicious varieties of style and flavour by purchasing a subscription to our luxury collection of handmade chocolates and look forward to a regular, fresh delivery of gourmet delicacies.

You can also walk into one of our stores, where our friendly sales associates will be happy to help you sample any chocolates you are curious about. You will then be able to create your bespoke box or ballotin with chocolates from the counter.


Please note that the chocolates below are only a small selection of the chocolates we offer - and that not all chocolates are present in our selection boxes or in our chocolate counters.

    Our Winter/Spring seasonal selection

    Our current collection celebrates seasonal comforts.

    Let your tastebuds hop on a ride through some festive flavours like warming Eggnog or Gingerbread as well as some bright and zingy Winter citrus fruits.

    • Eggnog Truffle

      Based on the traditional winter drink. A luscious white chocolate ganache with a touch of
      nutmeg and brandy. We hand roll the milk shell on a light layer of white chocolate for full
      indulgence. For the sweet tooth and those looking for reminisce of the drink.

      Milk chocolate truffle decorated with dusted sugar.

      Soya, Milk, Eggs

    • Fireworks Praline

      A beautiful 100% piedmont hazelnut paste is added to our criollo 38% milk chocolate.
      The smooth texture melts in the mouth followed by popping candies playing. A fun experience
      for the inner child to be happy as well as children!

      Milk chocolate square decorated in gold splatters.

      Soya, Milk

    • Gingerbread Praline

      A rich milk ganache with ground ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and a touch of mace. Its creamy,
      flavours come in layers and the heat of the ginger is present yet balanced. Hand roll in cocoa
      powder and red shimmer.

      Soya, Milk, Nuts

    • Honey Caramel

      We used Cherry Honey for a light yet present taste in this caramel. Cream and butter bring
      smoothness and the perfect consistency. The lingering of flavours is long-lasting and pleasant.

      Milk chocolate dome decorated with copper splatters.

      Soya, Milk

    • Graham's Six Grapes Port Ganache

      Using Chuao 75% we simply make a ganache with Six Grapes Port. Subtle and refilled this
      ganache is rich and long lasting. The liquorice notes of the Port are highlighted.

      Dark chocolate cube.

      Soya, Milk, Sulphites

    • Mandarin Caramel

      A light gold caramel deglazed with Mandarin purée. We add a touch of beautiful red mandarin
      oil to enhance and brighten the flavour. The dark chocolate shell makes the
      experience the perfect winter combination.

      Dark chocolate dome.

      Soya, Milk

    • New Yuzu Ganache

      Yuzu is one of the most prized citrus in the world. This is due to the fact that production is done
      in a very specific way. It grows in East Asia.
      This ganache is an explosion of flavour. Sour and acidic, the lightness of the composition makes
      an enjoyable experience.

      Dark chocolate square decorated with two diagonal lines.

      Soya, Milk

    • Pistachio Praline

      Smooth 100% pistachio paste Feudo San Biagio is mixed with our house white chocolate. The

      touch of salt elevates the herbaceous flavour profile of the pistachios. The nuttiness is increased
      by 62% dark chocolate of the enrobing.

      Dark chocolate square with a pinch of salt.

      Soya, Milk, Nuts

    • New Madagascar House Truffle

      A twist to our long-standing, best-selling ganache.
      Using Sambriano 72% Trinitairio Chocolate from Domori, we highlight the intensity of this origin
      by a light touch of cream. The cocoa powder has been removed for a softer mouthfeel.

      Soya, Milk

    • New Madagascar Vanilla

      A white chocolate ganache with aromatic bourbon vanilla that adds depth and floral notes.

      Soya, Milk

    Our Signature collection

    These chocolates have been voted as the most delicious, and we have decided to make them available year-round.

    Some classics, some more unusual flavours, all guaranteed to be delicious!

    • Rococo Chocolates London | Madagascan Vanilla Chocolate: a classic and delicious combination, a gourmet version of a very well known chocolate for kids.

      Madagascan Vanilla

      A white chocolate ganache with aromatic bourbon vanilla that adds depth and floral notes.

      Soya, Milk

    • Yuzu Ganache

      A zesty and bright combination. The Japanese yuzu lifts the dark chocolate ganache for an incredibly moreish taste.

      Soya, Milk

    • Dark Chocolate Cluster

      Crunchy caramelised almonds, enrobed in fruity 70% dark chocolate.

      Soya, Nuts-Almonds

    • Rococo Chocolates London | Milk chocolate and dark chocolate clusters of caramelised almond slivers

      Milk Chocolate Cluster

      The chocolate that draws people from afar. A simple combination of caramelised slivers of almonds covered in chocolate creates a satisfying crunch.

      Soya, Milk, Soya, Nuts-Almonds

    • Madagascar House Truffle

      A fine Madagascar single-origin chocolate with berry and citrus notes.

      Soya, Milk

    • Rococo Chocolates London | Anglesey Sea Salt Ganache

      Anglesey Sea Salt Ganache

      The sea salt flakes from Anglesey, Wales, cut through the richness of the dark chocolate ganache for an exquisite finish.

      Soya, Milk

    • Dark Sea Salt Caramel

      Our signature silky salted caramel made with smoke Halen Môn sea salt, encased in dark chocolate.

      Soya, Milk

    • Milk Sea Salt Caramel

      Milk chocolate encases our signature velvety salted caramel made with Halen Môn sea salt.

      Soya, Milk

    Our Classic Collection

    • Rose Fondant Cream

      A classic rose fondant cream encased in a rich dark chocolate shell and hand-decorated with a crystallised rose petal.


    • Violet Fondant Cream

      A fragrant violet fondant cream encased in a rich dark chocolate shell.


    • Mint Fondant Cream

      A refreshing take on an after-dinner mint. Handmade and hand-decorate with a crystallised mint leaf.


    • Lavender Fondant Cream

      A most unusual fondant cream flavour. Herbaceous and earthy notes of lavender, sweetened by the fondant and balanced by the fruity and floral notes of dark chocolate.


    • Geranium Fondant Cream

      Green and leafy notes of geranium are balanced by fruity dark chocolate and sweetened by fondant cream.


    • Dark Ginger

      Pieces of crystallised ginger are enrobed in our Single Origin Ivory Coast 62% dark chocolate for the perfect balance of gently warming spice and floral chocolate.

    • 62% Dark Chocolate Truffle

      Our classic dark chocolate truffle is made with our Single Origin Ivory Coast 62% dark chocolate and a thick and indulgent dark chocolate ganache.

    • 38% Milk Chocolate Truffle

      Our classic milk chocolate truffle is made with our Single Origin Ivory Coast 38% milk chocolate, and a deliciously creamy milk chocolate ganache.

    • Dark Chewy Caramel

    • Milk Chewy Caramel

    Read more about our mission to introduce Criollo Cacao to Rococo Chocolates.
    Since 1984, our mission has been to introduce the British public to better chocolate. Proper cacao beans, grown sustainably and processed gently to maximise the natural flavours of the varietal.
    Our Criollo cacao is sourced by Domori, and our Criollo Fresh Ganache Truffles are handmade in our London Kitchen, and available to purchase in store and online.

    What our customers have to say:

    • Sarwar says:

      Delicious, unique and uncompromising. Highly recommend as a gift or treat for yourself.

    • Richard T. says:

      These chocolates are exemplary, very moorish, just a different class.

    • Max H. says:

      Totally delicious and a bit unusual in combination of tastes and textures

    • Kathy M. says:

      Wonderful box of quality handmade chocolates. Really interesting flavours especially the sesame praline and ras-el-hanout. Thanks to the Handmade Team!

    Rococo Chocolates London | Banana Cashew Bonbons: our maitre chocolatiers select the finest seasonal ingredients to bring you unusual flavours and seasonal collections.

    How do I subscribe?

    We offer two ways of subscribing to our Fresh Chocolates.
    Our pre-paid subscriptions allow you to pay upfront and pick the cadence at which you want to receive your boxes. Perfect for a very thoughtful and generous birthday or anniversary gift that keeps on giving.
    Look out for the monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscriptions.
    For the gourmets who can't pop into one of our stores, we also offer a "pay-as-you-go" option, which you can select on the product page.
    Pick the frequency you want, and you will be able to skip boxes or cancel at anytime.

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