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Thank-You Gift Guide to Express Your Appreciation with Rococo Chocolates 

Expressing appreciation is an art, and what better way to master it than with a delectable touch? At Rococo Chocolates, we understand the importance of gratitude, and our Thank-You Gift Guide is designed to help you express your appreciation with a touch of sweetness. Unsure when to send a thank-you gift? Let us guide you through the art of giving gratitude. 


When To Give A Thank You Gift

Navigating the delicate balance of when to give a thank-you gift can be challenging. We're here to simplify that for you. Whether it's a small gesture, a just-because gift, or a grand gesture, we have the perfect selection for every occasion.



Why Rococo?

We sell chocolates with character. From our original, design-led packaging and exceptional flavours to our creative products and beautifully curated shops, we bring forty years of expertise, heritage and British style to chocolate craft.

Established on the King’s Road in London in 1983, we have built an international reputation for quality. The attention to detail that we put into every single one of our chocolates is evident from their exquisite taste. We continue to win some of the industry’s most prestigious awards today. We are the go-to chocolate shop for thoughtful, generous gifters. 



Thank You Gift Ideas


Small Gesture

For those times when you want to express gratitude with a touch of sweetness, our gold coins and mini truffle tubs are the epitome of a delightful thank-you. Choose from an array of flavours that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Just Because Gift

Joy, knowing no bounds, makes our truffle tubs ideal for those spontaneous moments when you just want to brighten someone's day. With a variety of flavours, there's something perfect for every recipient. Looking for something a bit different, our festive slabs in Milk Mince Pie and Dark Christmas Pudding make the perfect just because Christmas gift. These slabs are hugely popular, thanks to their decedent and interesting flavours like none other.


Grand Gesture

When a simple thank-you won't suffice, elevate your gratitude with our pre-made hampers. Checking out with one of our specially curated hampers is all it takes to express profound appreciation.


Teachers Gifts

Teachers deserve a special kind of thank-you, and our English Creams and Caramels, illustrated with beautiful British blooms, are the perfect tribute. Milk or dark chocolate Neapolitans, available in small or large bags, ensure a gift that lasts beyond the classroom. 


Hostess Gifts

Hosting an event requires a lot of love and effort, and our Festive Dark Chocolate Graham's 6 Grapes Port Truffle Selection is the thoughtful touch that turns a great evening into an unforgettable one. Express your gratitude to your host or hostess with a gift that speaks volumes.


Gifts Everyone Will Love

For universally loved thank-you gifts, our Chocolate and Truffle Collection is a fail-proof choice. A selection that caters to diverse tastes, ensuring your gesture is appreciated by one and all.


Use our Thank-You Guide to make every gesture of appreciation truly memorable. Because when it comes to saying thank you, a touch of sweetness goes a long way.


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