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The Best Ingredients make the Best Chocolates

Rococo was started to bring the finest chocolate to the British public.
We firmly believe that to make the best possible chocolate, you need to use the finest ingredients, from the most conscientious producers from around the globe.
Since our acquisition by Domori, we have switched our chocolate production to using Domori's house blend of Ivory Coast Single Origin coverture chocolate.
The cocoa is certified organic by Chocofair, and can be traced down to each plantation through the use of QR codes.
The gentle and slow method of growing heritage cocoa varieties yields low volumes of exceptionally aromatic cocoa, which is then transformed by Domori into chocolate coverture which we use in our kitchen.

  • Pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts

    Incredibly Nutty

    From Sicilian Pistachios to Hzelnuts from Piedmont, our acquisition by Domori is helping us source incredibly tasty nuts, which we roast, caramelise, pan in delicious chocolate, or grind into paste to make our pralines.

  • Our fruits and jellies

    Bright and Zesty

    Calabrian oranges, Sicilian lemons, Amarena cherries. The Italian sun ripens gorgeous fruits for maximum flavour, and we use these essential oils, candied fruits and purees in our chocolates.

  • our tea and coffee

    Tea Time Delights

    Our tea and coffee are sourced by our partners, Damman Freres and Illy Caffè. Their experience in sourcing the most fragrant and bold flavours from around the world helps lift our chocolates.

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We select our suppliers not only for the quality of their products, but also for their support in our sustainability journey.
From reducing unnecessary plastic in our packaging and using paper boxes from sustainably managed forest, to paying above market prices for our cocoa to support the cooperative and the surrounding communities, we try to have a holistic approach to sustainability.
We want our chocolates to be enjoyed by future generations, and we understand the part we play in supporting the future of the chocolate industry.


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