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The Vegan Friendly Hamper

A selection of vegan friendly truffles and treats. For a generous gift, we recommend filling a hamper with 1 box of hot chocolate, 2 artisan bars and 1 box of thins.
The Vegan Friendly Hamper
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  • Moroccan Mint Dark Thins Rococo_Wafer-Dark_001
  • Rococo Chocolates Orange Dark Chocolate Thins. Perfect chocolate treat for self care. Treat yourself to a luxury chocolate. Buy Rococo Chocolates online. Rococo_Wafer-Dark_001
  • Sea Salt Dark Thins
  • Rococo_110500_014_preview Rococo_110500_002
  • Rococo Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar | Artisan Chocolate Bar | Small chocolate Gift | Low sugar chocolate | Award winning chocolate Bar_L_MulledwineChoc_2
  • Earl Grey Dark Thins Rococo_Wafer-Dark_001
  • Bar_VioletDarkChoc Rococo Chocolate Bar
  • Dark Chocolate Rose Bar | Dark chocolate bar | Rose flavoured chocolate | Best mother's day gift | best Valentine's gift | Small chocolate gifts
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  • Rococo_700040_003
  • Artisan Chocolate Bar | Vegan Chocolate Bar | Coffee Chocolate Bar | Dark Chocolate Bar Low Sugar Chocolate | Chocolate for Diabetics | Coffee Flavoured Chocolate

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